The Building Blocks of Effective Marketing

The Building Blocks of Effective Marketing

Whether you’re starting a new business or attempting to grow an existing one, it’s easy to spin your wheels when it comes to effective marketing. Often times, business owners will try to make a big splash by running a large ad in a local newspaper or a television commercial during the most expensive time slot. While these will probably be seen, they probably won’t have much impact because there is often no repetition. The business owner runs them once (or a few times) and then simply stops with the conclusion that advertising doesn’t work. In order to achieve results from any form of advertising, you need repetition of your message. This has always been true, but it’s even more important with the number of marketing messages that today’s consumers are presented each day.

If you’re ready to start marketing your business, begin with the basic building blocks to form your foundation and grow from there.


Network — many networking events can be found in just about any city or town. If you, like most business owners, are short on time, focus on the ones that are during the evening hours. In many cases, these events are free, so the only cost is your time. Networking is a great way to make face to face contact with prospects without the distractions you would normally face during the work day. All you need is a handful of business cards, a winning smile and a great attitude.

Business cards — Obviously, you’ll need them for networking and sales calls. Don’t forget all the other ways you can distribute them. Business cards a an easy and inexpensive way to generate exposure for your business.

Direct mail — You don’t need to mail to a list of 50,000 for direct mail to be effective, you just need to be consistent. You can have 1,000 postcards printed, affix postage and labels yourself, and mail out 50 or 100 to the same targeted list each week. As you begin to generate revenue from this, you can increase the size of your mailing list.

Web site — If you don’t have a web site, you are wrong. Plain and simple. Web sites aren’t just for e commerce, nor are they just for large companies. These days, people use the internet for comparing companies and without a web site, you’re out of the running. You don’t need all of the bells and whistles, but you do need an effective and professional web site.

There you have it. The basic building blocks you’ll need to effectively market your business. With these blocks in place, you can begin to add additional things, such as search engine optimization, television and radio advertising, or billboards. The idea is to build a foundation, and as you achieve results, add more to your marketing campaign.

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What Can An Intern Do To Manage Your Social Media?

What Can An Intern Do To Manage Your Social Media?

It takes a lot of time to set up social networking profiles and pages. If you are new to these websites, it can be difficult to say the least. Don’t you just wish you could leave this all to someone who is capable with social networking? That person is your social media intern!

An intern is the best solution to your needs. After a little training, your intern can produce a quality online social media presence for your business. You will have more free time for your business after your social media intern takes over for you. Unleash the power of social media on your marketing campaign ideas, and watch those ideas turn into reality. You are probably wondering why you should hire an intern for this job. Let’s answer that now.

Interns have something that many other solutions do not. Interns have significant internet experience. They can use these skills to enhance your business’ online social media presence. You need your business to be powerful online and interns need experience. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and the intern.


When you are the entrepreneur behind the small business, you know that you need to be professional at all times. The same level of professionalism must be extended to your online presence as well. To get your intern to provide you with this, you must train them. Are you wondering how to train your interns? Let the best social media experts teach your intern for you by utilizing on line resources and training.

You know that your time is valuable. When you give an intern your social media, you gain the freedom of more time to run your business. Social media gives you another way for customers to meet your business. Your intern can communicate with your customers for you through social media. This contact will help them to feel the value of your business, and that you care about them.

Have you ever had an excellent idea for a social media marketing campaign? You know you could do it if you just had the time to figure out everything. Let your intern implement your great ideas in social media. This way, your ideas will actually be completed and online. Your marketing idea can be a social media reality.

In conclusion, when you hire an intern to do your social media, you both benefit greatly. Your business gets stronger online. You have more time for your business. On top of all of that, your marketing ideas are alive online. Go get an intern to handle your social media today!

Intern Profits provides business owners the tools and resources to find, hire and manage interns to help grow and expand their business while creating educational opportunities for tomorrow’s talent today.

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Basic Insight on Social Media Services in Montreal

Basic Insight on Social Media Services in Montreal

If we unfurl the statistical records, some interesting facts will evolve about the popularity of social media in Canada and in its states and cities. According to the statistics, 70% Canadians use social media channels out of which 75% people have Facebook account and 47% have account in Twitter. It has also been discovered that 61% of business houses keep a track of their brand’s online reputation. Hence, we can state that the face of communications has shifted dramatically with the popularity of the social media. The small businesses in Canada can now connect with the communities and networks of their targeted audience and hence can rightly enhance the popularity of their brand. There are many social media marketing companies which provide comprehensive social media services pan Canada. So, if you have been looking to promote your online business in Montreal, avail the service of a SMM company which offers all inclusive social media services in Montreal and enjoy excellent brand visibility.

Catering to the needs of the small sized business, companies offering social media services in Montreal help them to reach out the potential customer base and increase their brand’s popularity in the online periphery. Social media optimization services or SMO services Canada play one of the most vital roles in popularizing a brand and building a business’s online brand reputation. Through SMO services, the business houses can establish a strong foothold in the online communities and can generate huge volumes of traffic.


The scope of social media services Montreal is tremendous as there are multiple social media platforms wherein a small scale business can promote their brands and services to gain high visibility. Discussed below are some of the prospective platforms which a small business ought to utilize to gain supreme visibility in the online domain.

Forums – Participation in discussion forums are one of the best ways to build threads of communication with potential customers. Forums are platforms which uphold different opinion and feedback of the online audience. The professional SMM agencies rendering social media services in Montreal emphasize on forum postings to increase a website’s visibility.

Social Network Marketing – The popularity of the social networking sites have spread like wildfire. In Canada, more than 75% of the population has accounts on social networking site. Some of the most common social networking websites are Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and more recently, the Google Plus. Since, these social networking websites are accessed by millions of users, the business houses can feed in their service informations by creating corporate accounts herein. The social media experts in a SMM agency help a business to formulate specific social network marketing strategies with which the businesses can establish a thread of communication with prospective customers.

Blogs – Blog marketing is another prospective social media campaign. Through blogs, the businesses can put in information about their services or announce the upcoming launches. The companies offering SMO services in Canada also suggest uploading videos and images in the company blogs. Participation in third party’s blogs also enriches the online visibility of a business.

Multimedia – Utilizing the multimedia channels such as video streaming websites such as YouTube or photo and image uploading websites such as Flickr also help a business to spread the brand awareness. For instance, a video of the recent seminar that took place in your organization can be uploaded in YouTube or still images of the delegates visiting your company can be uploaded in Flickr. You can then link these videos and images to the social networking websites and ask the members to comment on the videos and the images you have uploaded. Make sure you reply them back and in the process, initiate a thread of communication. Proper policy formulation regarding this can be best attained by a professional company which offers SMO services in Canada.

Marketing has been the backbone of business and effective marketing strategies have scripted the success stories of the businesses. To stand out in the era of competition, the business houses, especially the small scale enterprises need to promote their service in such a manner that they gain customer loyalty, generate more business and retain the clients. Adopting the new changes strategies of social media services in Montreal have also transformed for the good and this has benefited the small scale business enterprises in the very best ways.

Simon Johansson is the author of this article who works for a reputed organization that offers SMO services in Canada. His company offers social media services in Montreal as well as in other states and cities in Canada.