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The following describes the customer service policy for the website:

Happy Customers

I’m dedicated to provide efficient, personalized and quality customer service.
I would appreciate it to have YOU as my valued subscriber and will do my upmost best to leverage all of your marketing needs.

I will try to do what’s best to keep “happy customers” and want all of my customers to be satisfied with the provided goods and services. I want to treat my customers with the same courtesy and respect that I would like to receive myself as a customer.

Newsletter subscriptions and VIP Members

I maintain to build happy customer relations through my newsletter subscriptions to my VIP LIST…which stands for Valuable Information Products.
My #1 priority is to remain focused on delivering high quality products for low and affordable prices. All of my sites might bring you useful information and insiders tips to start your online Internet marketing journey and to gain instant online marketing traffic success in a step-by-step process.

As being part of my listmembers I offer many free gifts and special deals for my subscribers only, while I like to get things done in a “made-easy” way and I genuinely do care to see you succeed online.
You’ll be getting useful FREE marketing information as long as you stay subscribed to my mailing list, so don’t hesitate and get on board to subscribe now! Don’t make the common mistake that for FREE represent no value…as all these products you should pay money for anywhere else online.
Heck…I’m Dutch…so for free is really for free here :-).

Need Support?
You may ask for my help or support anytime. Should you have any questions or concerns about the products or your subscription, please address your needs and requirements by choosing one of the support options.

I will be glad to assist you in any possible way, while I strongly believe in solutions and to solve any (marketing related) problem – if there is any – and to keep a positive outlook and mindset.

I’m online frequently and you can reach me on skype (skype to call), Facebook, Instagram or other social networks or you can write me an email or by filling in the form on the contactpage and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.
I attempt to answer every email within 24-48 hours but in some situations it may take longer (sundays and national holidays).
Email: helpdesk@traffic-made-easy.com.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
I would like you to be completely happy with your purchase, so in case you’re not – for whatever valid reason -, you can make use of the refund policy like the “no questions asked 14-day guarantee”. Just take notice that if you are having technical problems or a lack of knowledge we can help you out before you ask your money back as we can provide (easy) solutions for you to make good use of your purchase.

In case you want your money back provide me your product ID number and/or your Paypal/Clickbank order information, that you received by email after your payment has been approved and I will undo the transaction**.

Your additional information I need is:

  • your full name and email,
  • date of purchase,
  • name of product, product ID and all of your payment (Paypal) details that can be of use.

** Please note: Our payments are made by a secure server through Paypal or Clickbank, 2 major well respectable companies with their own customer services desk as well, in case of any dispute.

Licenses Agreements
For more product information about your licenses, you’ll receive extended info within your purchase of the product. Here you can read more about your licenses agreements, qualifications and all other terms and conditions of that particular product you just bought. If you are selling the product, you must pass over the license agreement to your customers. You are also responsible for your own hosting, download locations, payment processing and customer service to your customers.

In case of any dispute, you need to show the license agreement to verify yourself as an official licensee and you must be able to show it on demand. Any violation of the license will be subject to revoking this agreement and potential legal action may ensue.

**Important Note:
If you ask for a refund of a product your license will become null and void and you may not sell this product or claim any of its rights mentioned in the license agreement. It may be considered a violation of terms if you start selling the product. We will immediately revoke your resellers license without a refund and seek legal action against you if you break these basic terms.
In all cases, you may not market the products in any immoral, illegal or unethical way (spam), while if you do, your behaviour is not according the “golden rules of ethics of Internet Marketing” (read below) or simply said, it’s called stealing or cheating and therefore unethical and unacceptable.
Please also read our anti-spam policy.

Specific Licensing Terms.
Each of the different licenses dictates what you can and cannot do with the product.
Due to the varieties of different products with different product licenses, there is no definitive answer to your rights to the product; therefore the only way to understand the specific licensing terms on a particular product is by reviewing the individual product license file that comes with your purchase.

  • What is Resale Rights/Resell Rights (RR)?
    Resell right license give you the rights to resell the product but you cannot grant any further resell right license to your customers.

    In other words, you can only sell the product with personal usage license to your customers.
  • What is Master Resell Rights (MRR)?
    This license grants you the right to resell the product with either basic resell rights or master resell rights license to your customers.
    In short, you can resell the product with resell right or master resell right license to your customers.
  • What is Private Label Rights (PLR)?
    This license allows you to rebrand the products as your own and resell them to your customers.
  • What is Give Away Right?
    This license gives you the right to give the products for free to the public.
  • What is Personal Use Only?
    This license gives you the right to use the product for your personal training only.

Despite the scammers and cheaters who are also online, there are fortunately hundreds of legitimate online businesses that make lots of money without shamelessly taking advantage of others and I’m just one of those people running my own business.
It’s not in my nature nor family background to scam or spam other people to make money online and I hope you’ll soon discover that I’m a trustworthy person doing honest business online with a passion.

I follow all applicable and professional codes of Internet marketing and email marketing laws and regulations to the best of my ability to do “honest business” online.

I’m aware that we don’t share the same objectives in life, all together. But I hope you’ll agree on my #1 goals…to make it as “made-easy” and pleasant as possible for everyone online and to follow the “golden rules” and “courtesy” of the Internet etiquette or also known as “netiquette“.

In short: I like you to accept and act accordingly to the “golden Internet rules” and not violating any company rules (including asking for a refund many times as your online behaviour), so we could keep it a pleasant experience for everyone online, including yourself.

Remember, you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet, the same as you should buying offline.

Violation Of The Rules
However…note that in general we have one simple and clear rule: if there are any reasonable complaints or serious doubts in violation any company rules, you must be aware that we feel free to exclude your name from further participation to all of our products, services and to all our jvpartner sites immediately as well as we do some research ourselves to take legal action.
We are willing to do what we think is necessary to keep our website free of scammers, cheaters or people who are having a shady hidden agenda of their own.

Please note that I don’t response or take any action due to anonymous complaints and emails.

For that purpose, please read all the terms and conditions carefully.