Facebook Social Video Marketing With Social Media Expert, Mari Smith

Facebook is important for video marketing: bit.ly – We interviewed social media marketing expert, Mari Smith, about what we like to call “social video marketing” – and online video marketing and social media marketing relate to one another. Also, Mari is the co-author of a great new book titled, “Facebook Marketing, An Hour A Day” – amzn.to – part of the same series as Greg Jarboe’s book, “YouTube Marketing, An Hour A Day.” – amzn.to – I highly recommend reading both of these books. Here is a partial transcript of our interview, about social video marketing, with Mari Smith: “Video really ties into social media because with the prevalence of social media, we’ve really come to expect to be in relationships with people. We look and see avatars, and our DNA is programmed to recognize faces. But, the thing is, no amount of (and I’ve said this for many years, that), no amount of sophisticated technology is going to ever take the place of real, live, in-person, eye-to-eye, belly-to-belly, when you can feel a person’s energy, you can make eye contact with them, you can shake their hand, you can read their body language. But I’ll tell you what — the next closest thing, is video. Because with video, you can look in the camera, you can make contact with the person, you can really be intimate and feel much more connected. The viewer can (and the person recording the video) — with the presence of webcams, and the prevalence of web chat apps… you have video chat like TinyChat.com
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  2. Maybe the reason why people are really hooked up with facebook is it cover a lot of services, like games, photos, VIDEOS, notes, especially BUSINESS. Thank you for the Tips Mari Smith, and thank you for the video @reelseo.

  3. @mdluffy113 Thanks. Yeah, there are some of us oldies (Im 36) that are definitely into using these platforms for personal and business… You guys are the future. Thanks for commenting and for making it a positive one 🙂

  4. Hey this was a really cool video
    I am 17 and I had the impression that only kids my age used facebook but its cool to see that people are using it for their business as well

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