MLM Secret Code for “No” brings you another MLM training tip on negative prospects, and why they are so good for your business. Start learning the “secret code” words and sentences used in network marketing. Eye-opener from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.
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11 thoughts on “MLM Secret Code for “No””

  1. Awesome, I have learned so much from you over the last few years. I only wish I had found you before then because I certainly did not know the “Secret Code”. Now I teach it to everyone I work with. It makes life so much more pleasant. Thank you…. oh, and I’ll be passing this on to the Houston network Marketing Meetup group also.

  2. I love Tom. He makes it so easy to understand, and he is sooooooooooooooooo funny.
    NO means NO! Once we really get that, we’ll have so much more time for the people that are open to what we have to offer.

  3. So funny! Can’t wait to meet you on June 20th LIVE in Sudbury, Ontario. Our group is looking forward to your workshop BIG TIME! We have friends in various network marketing companies here who REALLY need to hear what you have to teach us all! And we Rayvin and I probably need to hear it the most. Thanks for the great info Tom!

    Rob Nyte

  4. Thanks for the great info. Who knew there was
    such grey area in talking to prospects.
    Now I know the code, things look very different.


  5. NO really does mean no doesn’t it Tom! When you get that, it’s a breath of fresh air! Just talk to the ones who need what you have!

  6. Great Video Tom! I tell my team all the time, “let go of those that say “NO” or make excuses for why they don’t want to do it…it’s simple…work with those that want the information.

    Keep it up, Great information.


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