Pres candidates to face Free Keene ads

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18 thoughts on “Pres candidates to face Free Keene ads”

  1. How could anyone be against LIBERTY??? Being against liberty is like being against PUPPIES, or KITTENS, or LOVE or something!

  2. @juliaisafilmbuff123 Hey, that Roderick Long talk made it to YouTube: /watch?v=t4hjO1ak4_M
    Please, view it. I’d like your impressions.

  3. @juliaisafilmbuff123 “this kind of exploitation”
    Ya see, there’s the rub. I don’t see “exploitation” when I see private property.
    I may object to what someone DOES with their own property, but I respect their right to choose because I don’t want THEM to tell me what I may or may not do with my own property.

  4. @CurtHowland Oh man, have you ever read Proudhon’s work? He opposed the state for the same reason he opposed private property. He even said this kind of exploitation would be impossible if the state didn’t exist.

  5. @juliaisafilmbuff123 Because he was wrong. He saw the abuses, and instead of identifying the institution of coercion as the source of those abuses, the thought it was due to ownership of land.
    Did you check out Long’s talk?

  6. @CurtHowland Sorry but capitalism is a system of power which is what traditional libertarians (who were simply anarchists by another name) have always been against. Why do you think Proudhon went after private property before he went after the state?

  7. @juliaisafilmbuff123 You can’t be anti-capitalist and a libertarian.
    If you leave people alone, “anarcho-capitalism” is what happens.
    Roderick Long gave a talk at the Mises Circle in Chicago a week or two ago. it’s not on YouTube yet, but when I heard it I thought Juliaisafilmbuff would be EXACTLY the kind of person who would benefit from it.
    Mises. org/media/6186/How-to-Reach-the-Left

  8. The funny thing about people being “angry about change” is that liberty does not force change.
    Every govt edict carries with it the threat of overwhelming violence. No matter how small, no matter now “beneficial” the statute, it carries with it that very real threat.
    Repealing govt doesn’t mean anything has to change, people can just go ahead and live as they have always lived, they only lose this threat of overwhelming violence in their life and in their interactions with others.

  9. @FTLIan I meant “right-wing libertarian” as there are pro-capitalist (right-wing) libertarians and anti-capitalist left libertarians (mutualists, classical individualist anarchists, etc.).

    And George Mason University, which is full of “anarcho-capitalists” and austrian economics students is in the DC area.

  10. Just a suggestion, but if you want to reach more people you should find a diner in DC where you can distribute your ads. There’s a lot of right-wing libertarians who might want to join.

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