Runescape Dancing in Pink 2: Video Makers

A few people asked me to make a version 2 of clan leaders dancing in pink robes… I didn’t like the idea of repeating it with clan leaders, so I just have been waiting until I found a new target to film ;P The idea of this video is to get the filming in a spontaneous way, but almost all of them were ready to do some synchronisation or to move where i wanted to film, pheeew they are so pro lol Thx again to all the people who agreed to participate, it was fun to try and catch you and the filming. Also thx to gross gore for the idea of adding voices, not trying to do something great with the voices, just adding them like they recorded it, i already said spontaneous was the idea of this video. I suggest to all of you to go check their channels, you will find good videos there. Here comes a list of their channels: Cedie7 Levan15 Gc20Amber Fantikerz Wolfjpf2 Jek Nexus Dark Arm3 Excl ShySteph sosolid2k tehnoobshow Broisov and Lord Hawat Maxboison Zezima MacDog192 Skychi Gross Gore Carneys Pker B O0 MER
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Author: jolande

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25 thoughts on “Runescape Dancing in Pink 2: Video Makers”

  1. Oi mate, how’d cha make this vid ? (; it’s pretty awesome..alot of runescape makers in pink, hawtt?!! 😀 , i think it’s true, guys seem to really like pink but hide it ! AH :O Lolz (; Keep up with teh AWESOME work hunnay. (;

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