Video Tips & Tricks ep20: How to make a viral video on youtube

In this episode of Mark Apsolon’s video tips and tricks we discuss Viral videos. We will show how to create and promote a viral video. I hope you like the twilight zone Please go over to my website and checkout my tutorial DVDs for better video productions:
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24 thoughts on “Video Tips & Tricks ep20: How to make a viral video on youtube”

  1. Look at the top two comments. Back to mine. Back to the top two. Now back to mine. Sadly, they aren’t mine. But if? you stopped handing out thumbs up so freely, they could LOOK like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? Watching in awe as this comments gains thumbs up. What’s below, now back to mine. I have it, the? ability to gain thumbs up by posting something so simple-minded. Look again, people? copying and pasting my comment to other videos.

    Anything is possible on YouTube. Im on a PC

  2. im looking to film a scene where in the shot you can only see me and the mic as im singing. any tips or triccs to do this without a spot light?

  3. Since i became a fan of ur page I always learn something from them. Thanks a lot for all the help…
    Ur videos are very comprenhendable (i hope I spelled right).

  4. Hey everybody! If you’re looking for good music lyric videos, check out mine! The more views I have, the more videos I’ll make! Thanks! Also, feel free to post my videos on Facebook or MySpace!

  5. @movadoband Lol. I really thought you were being literal. It wouldn’t kill you to throw a smiley or “lol” in every now and then… 🙂

  6. Three words: boobs, babies, critters. You can sell everything with those. And I’m pretty sure, you can make a viral video as well! =) Thanks for the show, it was entertaining and usefull, even though it was longer than 2 mins… 😉

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