Why Data Is the Future of the Music Biz

Topspin Media CEO Ian Rogers gives advice on how to survive in the new music business.
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21 thoughts on “Why Data Is the Future of the Music Biz”

  1. these assholes are thieves… look it up… many many unsatisfied customers. I paid for product that was never delivered. they suck.

  2. the new format that’s going to dominate the world of (recording) music is called ‘Prehumistus Compression’ as covered in the new issue of ‘Scientific Monthly’
    What it will do is collect strenuous data pockets lost in the stream of contained presumptive direction and volatilize it into a brand new phosphoric transcriber .

  3. @smokejaguar Not exactly; they do collect the data but the artist has acess to everything, iTunes you don’t see any data at all but with Topspin the artist has the e-mail list etc.

  4. mm maybe someone can help my ignorance on this, but isn’t topspin just like another itunes? except that they don’t operate with an exclusive central software where consumers find and pay for music in one place. It’s like being a middle man without letting others know that you’re the middle man.

  5. doesnt this guy look like that girl from icarly, the one who’s grandfather died and shehad the secret recipe for the pie thing and she was crazy for spencer lol

  6. What i dont like is how they study us so much, =/

    Next thing you know theyre going to be analyzing our shit to see what we like.

  7. One thing they can do is let people use the music in their vids – I’ve discovered several bands that way, and I’m HAPPY to buy the music once I know about them. It will be even better if most of the cost goes directly to the artist, rather than the fat-ass record companies.

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