3 SEO Mistakes That Will finish Your Traffic

3 SEO Mistakes That Will finish Your Traffic

Google is a household name in many countries, and when you need some information people will be quick to tell you to, “Google it.” If you have a website and you don’t see it in Google, then you need to do something about it. The internet is a vast place and needed the best structure possible. Search engines have achieved this and in the process have become one of the most important online resources for people. Getting your site in front of viewers all comes down to how well it is optimized. SEO or search engine optimization is a lifesaver for those of us who don’t have a huge budget to pay experts to advertise our sites for us. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about SEO and people apply these harmful methods to their sites. This article will be discussing some of the common mistakes that occur when you’re trying to optimize your site.

Making the website with excess flash is a common SEO blunder made by beginner webmasters. Flash may get you lots of cool points, but your website won’t rank any higher because of it. Many website owners try to make their site more impressive and appealing by adding a flash page, which obviously cannot be read by the search engines and therefore cannot be crawled.


If you want to get seen by the search engine spiders, you must have content on your site as that’s what they look for. This is the only way to rank high. Flash still has its place, but make sure you have enough content so that the search engines will rank you. The search engines will place you higher the more content you have.

ATL tags must be on all the images on your site. ALT tags are used to tell what a picture may be before it’s loaded.

ALT tags have the added benefit of getting a better score with the search engines. It’s common for people not to remember this when it comes to SEO. That’s why ALT tags should be made using keywords so that readers and search engines both can know what your site is about.

You must build links in order to stay competitive but getting too many at once will alert Google that you are a possible spammer and they will penalize your site. Many people will lie to you and say that by getting thousands of backlinks at once to your new site you will get to the first page and stay there. Don’t be fooled, the search engines know better than to fall for such a silly trick. Do your SEO the right way from the beginning because Google is very strict on new sites and will sandbox you for the littlest misstep, like spamming your link on other people’s sites. For the best results, you have to build links in a natural way; the same way that you will get them if you weren’t adding them yourself.

So, if you want to simplify things, you can break SEO into on-page and off-page. Just practice your linking strategy, making sure you only link to relevant pages and get as many relevant links pointing to your site as you can and your site will rank higher automatically. It seems that Google is placing a large emphasis on the number of relevant backlinks that a site has so it would be wise to focus a little bit more of your time on getting them.

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