Behind the scenes of Internet Marketing #1 – Frank Discovers An Internet Secret My video software sucks so I can’t edit this down SO the beginning kinda ruins the “behind the scenes” bit… and I suck at holding a voice sooo bare with me. Enjoy! might do more since i get bored alot. This link below doesn’t tell you to make your own product, just gives you an easy to use dilly lol which will help you make money. – I apoligize for all the hick talk and whatever was offensive, I was in character…i’m not saying gurus are hicks, but I duno if I can pull off a big shot accent..might try in the next one… http
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Author: jolande

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  2. @daxdeegan haha thanks… I thought it was a little long too, but my editing software doesn’t work with my video converting software since it keeps messing up the codecs. So I couldn’t edit it down .

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