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Best Ways to Get Free Traffic

Best Ways to Get Free Traffic

When starting an online business your main goal at first will be to drive good quality targeted traffic to your website but which are the best ways to drive free traffic?

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business and in order for the business to succeed you need plenty of targeted traffic. Many new internet marketers never make profit because they use paid advertising before making a profit using free methods.

This article outlines the best free methods I use and teach to drive free traffic:

Article marketing– This method works really well when you write about your niche market and deliver good quality content. Remember to keep your articles clear and to the point keep them between 250-600 words. Try to submit 5-10 articles per week to keep a steady flow of traffic coming in. Target relevant keywords in your articles which will ensure optimum results in all major search engines.

Press releases-This method works well when choosing targeted keywords. Google likes press releases and ranks there content highly, I recommend 2-4 per week.

Blog posts– Blogging is a great way to drive free traffic to your site. It’s always best to blog daily to ensure plenty of traffic. Google will then begin to crawl your blog on a regular basis ranking your content high.

Video marketing– This method is highly successful if you target niche keywords and submit your videos to sites like youtube.com and dailymotion.com. I recommend 7-10 videos per week as Google ranks YouTube videos with good keywords highly. Many people find its not difficult to get a first page ranking with this method bringing you in plenty of free traffic.

Social media– This has grown massively of recent years with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace been leaders in the market place. Use these sites daily to brand yourself and these methods if implemented correctly will drive vast amount of free traffic to your website

Follow the steps above daily, weekly, and yearly and you will build up large amounts of free traffic that will convert really well. Set your daily plan and implement these techniques to build your online business fast!

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