Free Website Traffic – Secrets To Dominating Google! Learn How Now… Thousands Of Prospects On Complete Autopilot

Free Website Traffic – Secrets To Dominating Google! Learn How Now… Thousands Of Prospects On Complete Autopilot

Getting free website traffic is one of the most important aspects to your business if you want to succeed. Every web master knows you can’t get traffic once and expect to succeed. This is not an overnight process. You must learn some simple concepts and do this day after day after day. It is an ongoing process. In this article I have put together some very simple concepts that will increase your free website traffic. Remember, it would be impossible to explain exactly how it’s done. This is simply an overview.

1. You must Optimize your Site

Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc have been hott spots to get free website traffic every single day. That has been a gimme for many years now but how come so few people are utilizing it? Make sure you do your homework before you start the process. You can have literally hundreds of hours wasted if you try and do this yourself. Optimizing your site is simple but there is a process you must follow to get results. SEO is the most powerful way to increase your free website traffic online. If your not optimizing your site and putting the time and energy into SEO you are missing out. Get familiar with SEO because it truly is not that difficult. You should become familiar with it, learn it, and make your income grow two , three, four, or five times.

2. Change your blog or website around on a regular basis

Listen, I can’t let out some secret magic formula that will put millions of dollars in your pocket overnight. If I told you that I’d be lying. Your probably getting extremely disappointed right about now. Unfortunately, if your looking for that quick fix, there is no magic ball. There is no secret potion. There is no magic wand. I was actually in a business at one point that claimed they had a magic wand that would make you a six figure income in three months. There is no such thing folks. What I can tell you is that search engines love “content”. In terms of SEO, content is king. If your content brings value to the market place your in business. It must be good, it must be frequent, and you will get loyal and recurring visitors. This will dramatically increase your free website traffic.


3. Social Bookmarking Sites

Now I can tell you and I usually enjoy this part of the training. Bookmarking has a quick 20 or 30 minute setup and after that you can post to over 30 sites at a touch of a button. This is fun. For example, lets say you have your new blog and your ready to market it like crazy. After you post a new article on your blog, the first thing you should do is bookmark that new article. How you ask? Just install onlywire on your blog. It’s free. Click on the onlywire link and bookmark to 30 or so bookmarking sights with a touch of a button. Your content is now all over the web. It cost you nothing for this free website traffic.

4. Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Social networks are also great to build relationships and get traffic for free. If your popular on Facebook or Twitter you can get lots of leads and easily surpass traffic from Google and other search engines. Social networks take alot of time to build up but it will be worth it in the long run. Do the work and create the results.

5. Backlinks are the name of the game with SEO

Would you believe it if I told you that you can generate thousands of visitors to your website just by putting your link in the right place. Well it is 100% true. If your link is in a place that gets high volumes of traffic you will reap the benefits. Getting links from other sites in your niche is very good for SEO. However, if your using a “backlink builder” be careful. Exchanging links with “bad neighbors” can actually do you a lot of harm.

Getting free website traffic takes a lot of work and is a very vast topic. But let me say this, if your doing it the correct way you will generate thousands of impressions to your website eventually millions. This can be a very in depth strategy. If your looking to learn more your going to have to do some digging. Are you ready?

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Research online marketing systems and experts who promote and train in these areas.

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