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Google Search Engine Optimization–3 Steps To Search Engine Domination

Google Search Engine Optimization–3 Steps To Search Engine Domination

If you want to make big profits using your blog, you need traffic, and if you want targeted traffic google search engine optimization must be part of your strategy.

The internet has 3 major search engines – Yahoo, Bing (formerly MSN Live) and Google. Of these search engines, Google owns the lion’s share of the search engine market, therefore, if your site isn’t ranking well in Google for your chosen keywords you are likely missing out on a lot of potential customers.

So what is the key to web site search engine optimization?

1) Research

Always spend some time to do your keyword research. You can spend ages creating content but if the keywords you target aren’t going to deliver traffic then your efforts have been in vein. You need to carefully select keywords that are relevant to your content, are keywords people are actually searching and keywords that you are able to compete for. For instance there are thousands of searches for “golf” per day but you stand very little chance of ranking for that phrase. In comparison you could compete very easily for the keyword phrase “golf equipment shop in Northampton” but it is unlikely that there are very many searches for that phrase. Something like “women’s golf shoes” would probably be a good phrase to target.


Once you have built a keyword list, you can create content that includes those keywords. Always keep your content natural and never stuff your articles full of too many repeated keywords. Write naturally, ensuring it makes sense to human readers. Search engines can detect manufactured overly keyword dense content and as opposed to increasing your ranking they will actually mark you down.

2) Unique content

The first rule of content creation is don’t republish content that has been used on another site. The content on your own blog site must always be unique. If you publish duplicate content, your web pages may be picked up by Google’s duplicate content filters and you won’t rank well for those pages. However if your content is unique you can be assured that your web pages will be indexed and therefore you have a good chance that they will rank.

Generating unique content does take time so you may want to consider outsourcing part or all of your content creation. You can find good article writers at web sites like E Lance, and typically should only be paying around to for a 500 word blog post.

3) Back links

The third key to google search engine optimization is back links. Google considers each link to your site as an endorsement of your content and will in turn rank you higher. One great way to generate back links to your site is by commenting on other blogs. Most blog owners will allow you to include your web address in the comments box which will link back to your web site. Target blogs on similar subject matters to your own as relevancy of content is very important. If your blog is about golf, a link from another golf blog will have a lot more effect on your search engine ranking than a link from a “cookery” blog for instance. By actively participating on blogs you can very quickly build up a number of highly targeted links to your website.

So, in summary spend a little time researching before creating your content. Secondly create content that is unique and lastly build up a network of backlinks to your website from other relevant websites. If you follow this very simple google search engine optimization strategy you will have lots of targeted search engine traffic visiting your site in no time.

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