How to do SEO in do-it-yourself style?

How to do SEO in do-it-yourself style?

If you have decided that you need to carry out some SEO on your website there are a couple of ways to do this. Firstly you could use an affordable SEO company or secondly you could do it yourself completely. Also what many businesses do is have some initial SEO done by an affordable SEO company and then do some more themselves with the advice of the SEO company.

The stages of SEO you choose to do though depend on your skills and what software you actually have available.

An affordable SEO company will use the latest software to make sure the work they carry out will be as effective as possible and to predict the best ways to get traffic, or more importantly relevant traffic to your website. Firstly you will need to choose keywords, there are some businesseswhospecialize in just keyword research though and you can have this done if needed. You could buy software though or rely on a simple tool such as the one Google themselves provide to allow you to predict how effective a keyword will be. At the same time you or people in your business may be the best to decide what no software can tell you though and that is whether someone searching for a keyword is going to be relevant for you. It could be that a keyword is too ambiguous and despite high numbers of searches and low competition all you will get is traffic but no sales on your website.


SEO once you have your keywords to use is easiest if you have a website with a content management system that you can manage yourself so you can add content though you will also need to edit other pages of your website. What is harder is ensuring that your website is built and coded in a search engine friendly manner to make sure search engines can see what is there and understand what your website is relevant too. You could go to an affordable SEO company for a test of your website to make sure it is search engine friendly and if necessary have them carry out changes, adding a content management system if necessary. Then you can add the keywords you have researched and place them on to your website’s pages: you may well have different keywords for different pages that will showup within the text and also in the metadata, title and description fields in the code.

The other place where you will use your keywords is in links back to yoursite: you ideally want these from other websites that are relevant to yours, or at least have a relevant page, and where they have a high Google Pagerank. An affordable SEO company will use software to find the best sites to get links from quickly you may need to do more research though. Generally though it is worth remembering that it is better to have a dozen page rank 3 or 4 sites linking to you that are relevant than to have a couple of hundred unrelated websites with no pagerank linking back to your website. It is though also worth considering how many other websites they are linking to, the fewer the better, and you should try and make sure you add your keywords you researched along with your link to the page that links back: for example by submitting an article or other content to a site with your link and keywords in.

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