How to make more money with google adsense

How to make more money with google adsense

Article by Carsten

For me SEO is the key to get traffic and if you do SEO you will have and organic traffic which converts well.Design your website with seo optimized long tail keyword with low competition.This will easily let your website dominate google search engine and there will be instant daily traffic.

Personally I prefer search engine traffic more than anything else.The reason is that search engine traffic is usually targeted and you will experience a lot of trafficfor a lot of time if you hit google’s first page for a certain competitive keyword.It takes time but it is definitely worth it.

Keyword research is very important and something that can sometimes be overlooked.It’s no use targeting a niche that gets 10,000 searches a day if there’s no chance of gettinganywhere near the top of the competition.You need to be realistic and may be better off targeting some keywords with 200 searches a day withlittle search engine competition and you feel very confident of being able to gain the top spot in Google.

You can also exchanging links with similiar niche web masters and if your a blogger,do a guest blog post on some popular blog with a link back to yours or write a few articleson your specific niche topic and post them on popular free submission article siteswith a link back to your own site.Social bookmark sites might help if you want instant traffic but they’re usually not targeted.

Another good traffic technique is answering on yahoo answers, and leaving your website as source.I get around 20 visitors per day from yahoo answers.

If you want to get more targeted visitors and increase your earnings than you must geographicallytarget your website with google webmasters tools.

To do that, follow this easy steps:1. Sign in your google webmasters account2. Go to Site Configuration/Settings3. Check the Geographic target box and select the country from which you want to receive more visitors4. Click on Save

Now whenever a person from your targeted country will do a search on google with your websites keyword,your result will be displayed higher in thats person google search result and you’ll get more targetedvisitors, and by this more earnings.

You can also get traffic from youtube. Last month I had 2500 referrals from youtube.The key, of course, is to build up a popular youtube channel.Create great videos, and make lots of friends on youtube and try to get many subscribers.Any time you post a new video, add your website url as the first thing in the description field.It will not help much for SEO as the link has no-follow, but people click on the links,which leads to more exposure for you, which in turn leads to more incoming links if your site is good, and so on.Youtube is a great way to get some traffic, but the problem is creating unique videos.A good way to get extra traffic from youtube is putting up a video just after a popular sports match,TV show and other events.Another problem is that videos take time to create and they can be taken down at any time due to copyright issues,unless you are creating guides, which again takes time.Youtube comments don’t accept URLs at all, but in your description field, you can add URLs.The link will have no-follow but if your video gets popular, you get lots of clicks from the link.

You can read more about search engine optimization for beginners on my webpage.There is also a free SEO Xhtml template ready to download.

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