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Real Estate Marketing – Taxes on Short Sale, Loan Modification and Foreclosure – Part 1

realestatemarketingthisweek.com – Real Estate Marketing – Expert tax advice from a CPA regarding a real estate related issues – Produced by Dan Havey of Real Estate Marketing This Week Part 1 – Today’s show has a timely message. We have with us, an expert in the tax ramifications of the different types of mortgage situations that people find themselves in, we have brought in Mike Patenella, that I will introduce in just a moment, as well as Brett Fallon is back with us. Were going to be talking about the tax ramifications of short sales, foreclosures, and some of the different types of loan modifications. Now if you listen to our show regularly, of course you know, we have been over the last several weeks, talking about loan modifications, but we have been getting hundreds of e-mails and calls requesting more information on the loan modifications. There are also some interesting questions that people ask about whats going to happen in regard to taxes. Thats the one thing that so many people are not talking about. Well we need to talk about it. Its something that we need to bring to you that you can hear and thats what were going to focus the majority of today’s show on. Before I introduce Mike I need to introduce one of my very best friends and the best financial advisor I have ever known, Brett Fallon. Brett thanks for being on the show today. Brett also has some information in regard to the markets and there is some really great, exciting stuff out there. But before I
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