SEO Chicks Reviews Traffic Cipher: SEO Hotness or SEO Hype?

SEO Chicks Reviews Traffic Cipher: SEO Hotness or SEO Hype?

Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos of SEO Networker have mastered quite a few aspects of internet marketing including copywriting, email marketing and pay-per-click. But their proven search engine optimization strategies have excited a lot more people and created powerful results in their organization. Our group of SEO Chicks got together to review Ray and Ferny’s new program known as Traffic Cipher.

Below is our review on the eight Traffic Cipher modules.

1st Module

Traffic Cipher’s 1st module offers a significantly necessary 10,000 sq. foot overview of SEO and gives answers to the following inquiries: What is SEO? Why is SEO essential? How does SEO work? How do you get traffic from search engine optimization? And, last but not least, how is SEO done? Getting these inquiries answered is important for anyone climbing the steps to SEO success.

2nd Module

The 2nd module helps you decide on your attack strategy. Ferny gives a fast overview of long term SEO techniques. You’d put into action a long term strategy if you are going right into an extremely competitive market, creating a personal branding site or a building a business info website. Long term techniques take time and resources to master. Traffic Cipher is specifically focused on building short term, quick methods. You’re going to learn the way to uncover zero competition key phrases that others won’t share with you.


3rd Module

Traffic Cipher’s 3rd module covers research. Research will be critical to totally free web traffic. Get research done correctly and everything else is child’s play.  A keyword is really a representation of the mindset of your prospect. You will discover some cool, totally free and basic study tools lined that anybody can leverage. If you decide that spending time performing keyword research isn’t for you, then just forget getting your website optimized.

4th Module

The 4th module covers website creating. If you are in business, you need to possess a web site that’s owned, hosted and controlled by YOU. Other replicated programs that you can uncover in the marketplace nowadays simply do NOT count. Ray goes into detail on how to setup your WordPress website quickly and design it to target the profitable key phrases you want to rank for. WordPress installation and specific, crucial WordPress configurations secrets and techniques are shared.

5th Module

The 5th module covers Content material. Content material is the “Search Engine Food.” Since search engines use your content to figure out what your site really should rank for, it’s vital that you realize the type of content material that you must be posting on your website. Basic suggestions are covered. For example: what kind of articles to write, spamming, acquiring creative and elements of on-page Search engine optimization. Also highlighted is a plugin that provides in your title tag and meta tags; this is crucial for your on page optimization.

6th Module

What you’re able to do within your Web site is pretty effortless to see; how search engines tie everything collectively just isn’t. This is what happens off-site. Linking is exactly where the rubber meets the road in SEO. “Recommendations” for your web pages in the form of back-links from influential sites is what gives your web site edge and authority.

7th and 8th Module

Traffic Cipher’s 7th module goes into advanced mode. Here is where you’ll discover some “crazy ninja tricks which will help you automate your SEO and unfairly spy on your competition so you know exactly how much SEO you need to do to kick their …” We’ll allow you to interpret how Ferny completed the rest of his sentence. The greatest thing about these two advanced modules is that they were not intimidating.  Module seven and eight cover easy article submission tools, innovative WordPress plugins, the secrets of 3-way back links, a highly recommended WordPress theme, HTML capture pages along with a tool will virtually allow you to investigate the Search engine optimization efforts of your leading opponents in literally under five minutes.

Our final decision?  Traffic Cipher is SEO hotness. It teaches you the difference in positioning yourself on the 1st page of Google or the 10th.  A free Traffic Cipher Special Report can be easily downloaded for more information.


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