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The SEO Advantage

The SEO Advantage

SEOshort for Search Engine Optimizationis the art, craft, and science of driving web traffic to web sites.

Web traffic is food, drink, and oxygenin short, life itselfto any web-based business.

Some web sites depend on broad, general traffic. These businesses need hundreds of thousands or millions of hits per day to prosper and thrive. Other web businesses are looking for high-quality, targeting traffic. This traffic is essentially like a prequalified sales prospect: already interested and able to buy your product.

This PDF has the tools and information you need to draw more traffic to your site, and build your bottom line. You’ll learn how to effectively use PageRank and Google itselfeffective use of SEO means understanding how Google works: how to boost placement in Google search results, how not to offend Google, and how best to use paid Google programs. You’ll also learn how to best organize your web pages and web sites, apply SEO analysis tools, establish effective SEO best practices, and much more.


When you approach SEO, take some time to understand the characteristics of the traffic that you need to drive your business. Then go out and use the techniques explained in this PDF to grab some trafficand bring life to your business.

If you understand SEO, you have an edge. It pays to nurture this understandingwhether you are coding your web pages yourself, working with in-house developers, or outsourcing your web design and implementation.

True, some web sites do just fine without consciously considering SEO. But by consciously developing a plan that incorporates SEO into your web sites and web pages, your web properties will outrank others that do not.

Just as success begets success in the brick and mortar world, online traffic begets traffic. (What you plan to do with the traffic, and how you plan to monetize it, are other issues.)

One way to look at this is that sites that use core SEO have an incremental higher ranking in search results. These sites don’t make gauche mistakes that cost them “points” in search engine ranking. They use tried-and-true SEO techniques to gain “points” for each web page.

Page by page, these increments give you an edge.

This edge is your SEO advantage.

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