Top Rankings Are Possible Without Google SEO?

Top Rankings Are Possible Without Google SEO?

Article by Yasir Samad

Someone wants the efforts of the whole network to get a top ranking on Google. Why? Well, what about free traffic, dedicated pages to come directly to your money ? it?s time for a good reason in my opinion.

SEO, the process needed to achieve this classification, although not without controversy. Some people understand and some people certainly do not. It is fair to say that the SEO has had its fair share of critics, who often take the cynical view of a fool and his money are soon parted, with senior officials on hand for companies to cash. What nonsense.

The criticisms are not entirely wrong, but at least on one thing, it?s just a set of best practices. It is open to all, is completely free, the only drawback that most soon discover that this is not exactly quick to tell you about all the subtleties. The knowledge is there, in dozens of books, blogs and websites of the experts, is that search engines decide to change their algorithms and rules change again. Your real decision is if you hire an experienced hand to optimize or choose them yourself.

As the practice of SEO does not deserve a lot of criticism gets. We cannot ignore the SEO if you have goals topping Google. Without SEO you cannot get the number one Google, Even more cynical. This can assure you:

1) Content ? essential in all respects, at least not for your SEO efforts. Whether you like it or not, to put text on your pages is to add strength and relevance in the eyes of search engines. And links, the content is one of the most important aspects of SEO; this means that the two are inextricably linked.

2) Site Links ? No they do not have the force and very few roads on the site, SEO is essential. The links cannot be the first thing they think when it comes to developing a site, but in this spirit, the links are far from negligible.

Google relies on the authority of your site will be judged in large measure the quality and variety of links that he can be. Leaving aside his profile link is restricted entry points to your site and loses all authority with Google, all of which will do nothing to promote their classification.

3) Meta, internal link structure and the charging time

Page load has become a factor in rating a few months ago in Google. Well, he joins a very strong line over 200 other rating factors, but still can have an impact where it ends; speed ergo site is now part of the SEO. But more than that is the satisfaction of visitors. As with the content you want to be able to ensure that visitors are engaged, not an excuse to go (and wait 12 seconds for a page to load).

Do not rely solely on the rankings, to earn the description of a really clicking directly on the Meta Searcher catch your attention. Title, too, is important because it offers the opportunity to anchor the main title page, including all the important keywords at the same time give visitors a starting point at the top of your browser. Many people question how much influence the overall ranking of the site of Meta, but also a slight advantage is well worth pursuing.

Internal link structure is something that would have had to develop a web developer. It?s the way to the connects all the pages on your site and ensure that users and search engines can get from point A to point B as fast consistently. Keywords embedded in the anchor text can really help bring your site to life and to help search engine spiders immediately identify what each page is optimized, the ideal solution for the internal architecture of the site SEO.

Anti-SEO types of struggle to ensure that their site is optimized within the property, but still usable. Of course, even a nightmare full of flash site, if you leave SEO should always be able to get traffic to a site, but I can assure you that nothing would be Google.

Not only discount on SEO, because some of the things you?ve heard. Google has an extraordinary ability to reach the level of targeted traffic for any site, unparalleled by any other means, so you should be looking to win, not to fight.

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Yasir Samad is a head marketing and SEO consultant for Hilal Technology. Hilal Technology provides a wide range of SEO and website design services.

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