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Using free information to earn Big Money with Google Adsense

Using free information to earn Big Money with Google Adsense

Article by Amish Mody

There always been debates about whether the usage of free information in public domain will have any impact on the Google Adsense publisher earnings. Many top SEO, enterpreneurs and premium publishers do not believe that free information is indeed of any use.

This is of course not true as many of the google adsense publisher now a days are earning quite good amount of earnings from google adsense, as close to 1000$ /month, by using all the free information available on the internet. Well, how does this work then, you may ask. The answer to this question is very simple, it all comes down to processing of the available free information and using it to your advantage and thus increasing your ctr and revenues in Google Adsense revenue model.

If you are Google Adsense Publisher, then you must have come across lots of article stating secrets of earning big money over the net using Google Adsense, getting more clicks and click thru rate, steps to earn extraordinary amount of money with google adsense. Now most of the time this information is in crude form. Let’s face it, no top premium publisher or high earner would let out this secret of large earning to the public. However they would surely give out some hints and advice which is not exactly to the point. It’s this advice and hints that have to be processed properly to get the maximum gains out of Google Adsense program.

For example, I came across an article which had tips of making big bucks with your blogs. Well, it did not state as to how exactly it would enhance my ctr and where to place the ads on my blog, but it gave a tip that placing ads in content would mean more targeted ads to the user. It tipped on providing users with little but adequate amount of information so that they would long for more information. It stated that people tend to click more on google adsense ads where not much of the free information was available online to them. This tip triggered a research by me to find out it this tip was really usefull or just another myth.

I started providing free information in areas where not much information was available on the net and posted only the adequate information to make people hungry for more information. I then provided them with option of purchasing that information at very reasonable price and had placed google adsense ads which come across as other option to get more infomation on the subject. The trick paid of well, although it took lot of time to perfect the technique and repeat on other subjects and situations. But the tip helped me shot up my earning with google adsense dramatically.

Also if you are a writer or have a resource to good content writer indirectly improves your adsense earnings power. Getting people to write good articles or writing original articles on particular subject would mean a gold mine of information which would help you earn more money from google adsense. For example, my SEO Blog which only has original and related articles on various subjects.

In other words what we are saying here is that to be able to benefit fully from the free information you come across, you will have to do a lot of research and development. The only way to do effective R&D (research and development) is by constantly testing and trying out new things. In the Google Adsense world, this will mostly involve the content at your sites.

Carefully analyze every bit of free Google Adsense info you come across and find a way of applying it to your sites. The more you do this, the more you’ll increase your earnings.

Always remember that whatever you do, the more pages of useful content you have out there, the higher the number of clicks you will end up receiving. So for starters just generating loads of good content in form of free articles is a powerful strategy for earning more from your Google Adsense ads.

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