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Article Marketing Is The Best Way To Get Plenty Of Free Google Traffic

Article Marketing Is The Best Way To Get Plenty Of Free Google Traffic

Article by Dianne O’Keefe

It’s exciting when you finally decide to embark on a new online career that promises to make you a heap of cash whether it is through affiliate marketing, selling goods on EBay or just offering your particular skill set or services through the World Wide Web. Is it enough to just be up and be online though? No. It’s certainly not! The one thing many new internet business owners overlook is the effective tool of article marketing which generates free Google traffic straight to their website. Without target traffic their website remains invisible unless they opt for some form of paid advertising. But that’s quite costly, especially for the internet newbie. What’s the answer?

The importance of article marketing is often disregarded because the majority of new business entrepreneurs are totally unaware of the serious amount of promotion required if they want to be successful. So often they are equipped in many areas but lack skill or knowledge in others that are also necessary to create the results they so desperately crave. Whether you want to quit your day job or just make an extra few dollars each week to save for that trip you’ve been wanting to take- article marketing is the answer.

Chances are that you could write the articles yourself but the reality is that you either don’t have the time to do that or you really don’t enjoy writing articles. It’s most likely a combination of both! How do you go about finding a good quality copywriter that won’t charge you the earth for original content and will certainly write fantastic articles that will attract free Google traffic from your particular niche market? Read on.

It’s always nice to give new writers a chance, whether you are looking at article marketing, website content or a virtual assistant to help you cope with your website’s writing requirements but an experienced copywriter is always your best choice.

What Things Should You Look For When Choosing A Copywriter?

1. SEO Writing Experience: Writing SEO is quite different to run of the mill or ordinary articles, as they seamlessly integrate specific keywords and call-to-action hyperlinks within reader-friendly articles that will attract traffic.

2. Quality Writing Samples: These should demonstrate the copywriter’s superior writing ability which includes correct grammar, spelling, tone and voice as well as excellent research skills.

3. Affordability: There are plenty of copywriters for hire but not all of them are equal. You shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant prices for great articles or web copy; but please respect that professional copywriters do need to make a living from their writing services.

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