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Blog Ideas for Google Traffic

Blog Ideas for Google Traffic

Article by Charles Wells

Blog ideas for Google traffic. A blog article should only have a few related ideas and be no more than 300-400 words. The text should be easy to scan in four line short paragraphs with sub-headings and bullet points. The main keywords should have text decoration to improve search engine rankings. The blog ideas can be found with Google.

Focus on only a Few Ideas in each Blog Article

Articles should just concentrate on a few related ideas and should be no longer than 300-400 words for better SEO ranking. The introductory paragraph introducing the body content and the concluding paragraph reiterating the content in the article body would have be approximately 100 words leaving 200-300 words for the content. Each paragraph would be 50-100 words for each idea limiting the article to 3-6 ideas each.

Easy to Scan Blog Content Improve SEO ranking

Blog content on blog posts, pages, and articles are easier to read and are more effective at SEO ranking. Write in short four line short paragraphs. Use sub-headings above paragraphs. Images in the posts and pages can get listed in the general Google rankings and the image Google rankings. Search engines considers the text decoration. Bold, underline, and italics the keywords. Lists and bullet points make the content easier to read and highlight the ideas of the content better increasing the SEO ranking.

Use Sub-Headings Above the Paragraphs

Using sub-headings improve search engine rankings. These are in the header tag format. Keywords in the sub-headings increase SEO ranking . The header format will bold the sub-header and add blank lines above and below it. For articles submitted to article directories the header tag format is not available. Use the bold format and add the blank lines above and below it.

Blog Ideas

Google is my best resource for blog ideas for content and keyword research. Google search the keywords for all sorts of content. Use site operators with article directories to get only articles. This content can only be used for blog ideas. Copying it word for word is plagiarizing. Rewriting and combining two or more resources is research and original material for article or post content.

Getting Google traffic is involved in how to do blogging . Every blog post of 300-400 words wrote in four line short paragraphs with sub-headings and easy to scan text with the ideas found with Google will produce part of the profits for the blog. The main keywords should have text decoration. Knowing how to get backlinks helps make money on a blog .

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