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How To Get More Google Traffic

How To Get More Google Traffic

Article by Ryan Magill

If any of you have ever tried manually producing backlinks through article submissions then you’ll know how time consuming it can be. I learned from experience that the whole process of article writing and then looking for sites to publish these articles on can suck up so much of your precious time.

Well, it’s not so much the article writing, because I quickly discovered a faster way to write articles. Aaah the power of outsourcing. I identified that by submitting my article writing jobs overseas I could get them written for a fraction of the price of what my time is worth. The only issue with this was that some of the articles I paid for were very inadequately written and hard to understand. Still, a few modifications here and there still took less time than writing them myself.

What I discovered next was how hard it was to find places to post my articles. No good having an article that is not creating a backlink for you. SO I made a start. I started out to search through Yahoo in order to find article submission sites I did my research and found a simple formula to type in to Google, “Powered by WordPress” “Using Article Directory plugin” By inputting this in the search box I got some good results.

Once I used it, it popped out over 4 million search results to me. I am happy because I managed to get lots of sites where I can post my articles but very depressing since I will need to wait through the entire list individually. After opening it and verifying that it is a positive site, I quickly create an account on it. I then noted my account details in an excel document and moved onto the following result. I really got to page 27 of Google, this is where it all ends though, it’s the line of no more results. Right after browsing through all of the results I had myself a list of only 32 operating directory sites.

Although I was dismayed I snapped for it and started posting my meticulously written articles. Good thing there are cookies that will memorize my password, my manual log into each and every account has been made much easier and quicker. When I’m finished with the log in, I clipped in each backlinks manually at the same time and proceed on the next site. That was speedy but I will admit most of the times I get irritated.

Even if the entire method is frustrating, I still managed to get it done and created backlinks appropriately and not by way of a dirty work. I still believe it is quite interesting and challenging by utilizing autopilot. I am now having an easy time on working on my backlinks and they come out.

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