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Keywords Drive Google Traffic and Generate Leads – Two Things You Must Know!

Keywords Drive Google Traffic and Generate Leads – Two Things You Must Know!

Article by AmysMLMFortune

By now it is definitely nothing new that search engines hold the key to allowing people to find your website. More specifically, it is the strategic use of KEYWORDS which allows your website to be ranked by the search engines. Strategic implementation of the correct KEYWORDS is the difference between success and failure of your online home based business.

The following are two “Secret Weapon” sites that many savvy entrepreneurs use to help formulate proper KEYWORDS. It is these KEYWORDS that many use to get first page rankings on major search engines like Google. Since Google is the largest search engine, start with www.adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal. This site will allow one to determine what single word or word phrase gets the most results. Secondly use www.freekeywords.wordtracker.com. Most often this site has shown me that it is equally as effective as Google’s site, and it’s best to compare the results of each. After first discovering these sites, you’ll be asking, “What exactly do I do with this new found information?” This question can be answered like this. Think about writing an article regarding making money in your Network Marketing opportunity. Before writing the article you give it a title something like, “The Next Big Money Making Opportunity.” By using the above mentioned KEYWORD sites you’ll discover that all of the words in your title have high rankings, and therefore too much competition. So you may want to narrow the search a bit. In order to do so, I would HIGHLY recommend using the KEYWORD phrase Network Marketing in your title. With that being said, your title can now be as follows, “The Next Big Money Making Opportunity in Network Marketing.” Now you’ll get better rankings for your opportunity because you’ve included the KEYWORD Network. There are many more secrets to building your online empire. KEYWORDS are just one little “Secret Weapon” that you’ll be using in Network Marketing. Now that you have another piece of the puzzle, go out there and put it into action – TODAY!

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