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2 Things You Need to Remember About Social Bookmarking

2 Things You Need to Remember About Social Bookmarking

Article by John D. Edwards

Social bookmarking is commonly used nowadays by people whose aim is to promote a certain website or webpage. Businesses are often the major players since the method allows them to expose their business without having to spend skyrocketing amounts. Come to think of it, social bookmarking does not cost a thing, not at all, and it is easy to use to anyone’s advantage. Bookmarks or links as well as tags are subtle yet effective ways of publicity that stands a great chance of getting noticed by the techno public. A word of caution though; social bookmarking is a good tool, yes, but it is a lot more effective if you know how to properly use it. Translated, this means you have to familiarize yourself of how social bookmarking sites implement restrictions and selections. In line with this, there are tow things you need to remember.

First, do not go overboard. Social bookmarking is used by webmasters as a promotional tool and they tend to pass too many posts from the same site in a day. Newly added bookmarks often land on top of a particular category, so if you were not able to hold it and you passed more than enough, chances are you would end up filling the whole page with posts bearing the same site name. This makes you and your post suspicious and the moderator might send all the bookmarks to trash and put your account on hold. Now if you think that you could simply open a new account and overkill posting again, the moderator might respond with equal persistence, meaning he could trace your IP address and ban it, rendering you unable to access the site anymore. A good idea then is to submit only a few pages in a day, and wait for around 3 hours before adding a new post. The key here is to appear natural and not make an impression of a trying-hard webmaster.

Second, be creative. Social bookmarks generate list when a keyword is plugged, and more often than not, the list seems endless. You can never expect visitors and users to click on each one, definitely, and the only things that can capture their attention and prompt them to click a certain link are the title and the metadata. Hence, to ensure that your post would get some mouse nudges, make sure that you provide attention-grabbing titles, as well as interesting web content. However, it is true that predicting what is ‘attention-grabbing’ for the web population is close to impossible. Still, there are certain types of web content that are sure to capture anyone’s attention. Examples are top ten lists, tips, steps, and those sporting a title beginning with a Wh-question. Titles communicating an unusual content are also sure to gather some gazes and raise some brows.

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