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3 Effective Tips to Get Inside a CPA Network

3 Effective Tips to Get Inside a CPA Network

Tired of getting rejected by CPA networks again and again? Given below are a few simple yet effective tips that will speed up your approval process and get you in the networks.

First off, you need to reveal to the CPA networks that you’re trustworthy and that you’re proficient at what you do. If you’re going to apply for CPA networks, don’t be like many people and just wait for them to call you. Go the extra mile and contact the affiliate manager assigned to you the very next day and ask him nicely to approve your application. Tell him/her that you applied recently and wanted to know the status of the application. That will make a very good impression on the affiliate manager as he’ll see you as someone who is determined and ready to conduct business. You will get your application pushed through more easily, and you will be forming a great relationship in the process. However, remain calm and never drill them as to the reasons your application hasn’t been approved yet. You should rather be calm and let the affiliate manager do the questioning, so that you can give them satisfactory answers. The best days to apply to a network are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, since the other days would be either weekend or closer to weekend. If you haven’t heard from the affiliate manager even after that call, just send him an email or instant message asking about your approval status. Don’t be scared to call the CPA network, as if you follow the steps you just read about, you’re almost sure to get approved. You must believe in what you’re doing and you need to be ready to answer the questions when they come. If you aren’t experienced, the CPA networks probably won’t look at you twice. Hands down. So if you’re just starting out, then you’ll need to have some online marketing experience to show in the application and as well as the interview process so that you get accepted. Never let the affiliate manager know that you either just started or that you’re just experimenting with CPA marketing. When you learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing, you’ll be able to talk intelligently about it and you’ll be able to convey to the affiliate manager that you’re the right person for the job. You don’t need a lot of experience, you just have to show that you’re not green behind the ears. The fact is, once you’re accepted into a network, you’ll never be asked to prove what you can do. Before you do that, however, you’re going to have to make it a point to show the AM that you’re capable of success.

Go over the application carefully to make sure you filled everything out and that all the information is correct. This can send a red flag to an affiliate manager that you don’t take things seriously or that you pass up other things in your business. If you don’t have anything to put in a section, instead of not putting anything, just write, “Not Applicable.” If you want to increase your chances for getting approved, you need to always seek to give the networks every possible thing they ask for so that there will be little question as to whether or not they’ll hire you. So, CPA marketing can make you loads of money but first you need to go about getting accepted to one of the CPA networks.

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