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3 Killer Benefits of Article Marketing for Your Business

3 Killer Benefits of Article Marketing for Your Business

No matter what method is used, online marketers tend to know and accept that solid and unique content is powerful. And one of the long-standing methods for driving traffic to anything is to create articles and publish them on the net. All anyone really needs to do is possess the willingness to take action, learn how to do it, and then commit to doing it. You really can reap tremendous rewards with this method if you’re willing to do what it takes to succeed. Keep reading this article so you can discover 3 time-tested strategies and benefits you can receive when you make article marketing part of your business tool box.

One of the most prominent benefit article marketing offers is it lets you presell products in the best possible way. If you do not know what preselling is, then your marketing is misfiring and not running on all cylinders – it is grossly ineffective. What you want to accomplish with pre-selling copy is help people to lower their resistance to what you have to say, and when they finally reach your selling copy they will be warm to your offer. But why do articles make such a good way to presell? You can presell anywhere, but with articles you’re not doing any selling; just plain talking about the matter at hand – like one friend to another. If you have ever read a review article, or seen a review website, then that is a perfect example of pre-sell copy. What is happening in the mind of the prospect is the initial barriers to reception are loosening up. Sure, a review is a form of presell that can be used very effectively; however, that is not the only way to approach pre-selling. Actually, all articles in the sense we’re talking about are pre-sell articles. The other benefit of article marketing is that it gives you exposure even after you’ve actively stopped promoting the articles. If you publish good quality articles, then you will see this over time that articles you publish continue working for years and years. It is common sense that this would happen because people want to keep all that content on their sites. People browsing these websites or directories get to read these articles and end up on your site, even it’s been a long time since the article got published. Besides that, if your articles were written with a few targeted keywords in mind, you’ll also see that the articles stay in the search results for a long time, bringing you targeted traffic. So, you can continue getting traffic for many years as well as other great benefits.

Article marketing is not limited to publishing your articles in directories. You really should take care of yourself, and what we mean is publish them on your own sites, first; then let them get indexed and then submit to directories. Always write the best you can and provide value to readers, and if you succeed with that you’ll find people returning to read your stuff. Your articles can do so much for you, and building a good level of trust with your market is only one benefit. Article marketing has been around for years, and there’s no reason to think it won’t remain that way into the future. The best approach for the beginner is to get educated about all the ways to use and write articles. The bottom line is that it works extremely well – so there you go.

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