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5 Mobile Marketing Tips

5 Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing can be done in an extremely effective way. It is one of the methods of marketing that have become very popular in the recent times. With passage of time and this marketing tool will surely impress people to great extent. This approach to marketing products and services is slowly spreading all over the world and advertisers are using this technique in best possible way.

There are different ways of mobile marketing. SMS is one of the best ways to market a product through mobile phone. The concept of SMS has a personal touch. It includes direct interaction with clients and thus is very effective. With just a SMS to the client you can market your brand very effectively. If the customer feels the SMS to be fruitful he/she will surely respond to the SMS.

Here comes one important point. It is important to determine the targeted customers while mobile marketing. Without having targeted clients in mind your efforts may simply go in vain. You may keep on sending SMS to different clients but if their approach to your SMS is not positive than, it is ultimately of no use. So, it is very important to send SMS to targeted customers. The people who are interested in the products may buy the company products, which may increase the company’s revenue.

There are 5 tips that can make mobile marketing a very effective marketing tool. The tips are as follows.

Building the database in right manner: Don’t just add the mobile phone numbers to the mobile marketing database. It is essential to get the permission first. You can do this by a web form or while someone is just texting the keyword to the short code. It’s good to have a double opt-in database.
Setting the frequency expectations and covering up yourself legally: After the opt-in procedure comes to an end, alert the audiences about how often they must expect the text message and just offer them an opportunity to not opt-in if that’s going to be very frequent.
Make use of dedicated short codes: Dedicated short code may be quite costly. But by using those you can be assured to keep your brand name intact.
Putting some thoughts in message composition: The 160 characters need to be utilized very effectively. The message that you want to reveal to your clients must be clear and concise. You can make use of chart cuts for messaging. For example you can use ‘2’ instead of writing ‘two’ or ‘to’ and ‘b’ instead of writing ‘be’.
Personalizing: capture the first name of the subscriber and ensure that the platform of mobile marketing which you are using enables you to inset the tokens in the message—so that you don’t have any problem in personalizing the message. Having the first name of someone in message goes long way in helping to increase the response rates and building up strong relation with the customers.

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