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6 Tips so that your Google Adsense can be Approved

6 Tips so that your Google Adsense can be Approved

Article by Evan M

Are you always fail in applyng google adsense for your blog?. Actually many ways we can do for our google adsense application that can be approve. Many who have reviewed entrepreneur tips and tricks for google adsense in approve and how to apply google adsense. And also there are many sites google adsense account creation services that have been offertheir service in the internet. They also offer technical and plus websites that have google adsense account in a cheap price

If you have completed your page, you can apply for AdSense, and if you are accepted good money with it. Then, AdSense ads on your page and when someone clicks this, it will provide money! The ads are virtually what others pay on Google AdWords that you see this! AdSense is such commitments, the principle is reversed by AdWords. You must have a Google Acount, or log on there! Do not worry, this is totally free ?

1. Just sign up for google adsense. For the first thing we should have a blog .. now to create a blog for free . You can make in blogger dot com. After signing up you will get your blog address with your name as yourlinks dot blogspot dot com

2.Many blog will not be accepted by google because their language is not support if they dont use english But if we dont have language skill in english? do not despair. We stillcan use translator offline or online so you can write your unique article in your language and then translate it in the translator. Remember that Google doesnt like duplicate content.

3. After you finish posting, you can try to signed up for google adense. You can register at www.google.com/adsense and then try to register by selecting ?sign up now? and then fill the form that contains name, address, telephone number. And please fill the form correctly because the data will be needs when google adsense will pay you.

4. Check all option like??adsense applicants must agree to adhere to adsense policies(details)

I agree that i will not click on the google ads i?m serving through adsense

I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads

I agree that i can receive checks made out to the payee name i have listed above

I will not place ads on sites that include pornographic contentI certify that i have read adsense program policies?

5. Then below that form will show more option like ?.? would you like to have single acoount for all google service?you can use your existing google account email address and pasword foradsense as well.or you can choose new ones just for adsense1.i?d like use my existing google account for adsense2.i?d like to choose a new login name and pasword just for adsense ?

choose the first option in the box .. then you login with your username and password as when you log on blogger ..

6. And now you just wait for a email reply from google that your account that you have been received .. maximum 1×24 hours ? after you received, and you can write again your post and locate your adsense code in your blog.

Isn?t that easy ?

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