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Advertising your Website-the Role of Social Bookmarking

Advertising your Website-the Role of Social Bookmarking

Article by Sarkar Kumar

Essentially, social bookmarking refers to the act of saving and sharing web sites or web content. In simple terms, it is like a way of “tagging” that mainly aims to store, classify and share links online. It actually started as a technique for Internet users for them to easily access and share websites to other Internet users. The said bookmarks have tags or labels so they can be easily organized. The tags also serve as clues about the main content of the bookmarked websites.

Under the social bookmarking system, online users can save links that they would plan to share to others or just remember for whatever purpose. While social bookmarks are usually public, they can be saved privately if the online user thinks there is a need to do so. The online user has the option to share the links to a certain group of people that he or she deems interested to the information contained within the website or web page. The bookmarked websites can only be viewed by the permitted online users.

Social bookmarking offers a string of benefits, especially for website owners who aim to popularize or advertise their websites. Since social bookmarking allows users to share content with other online users, there is a high chance of getting more traffic since users tend to work in a collaborative way. In social bookmarking, users can create accounts that help them to extend their networks to other users as well. Bookmarking is organized these days since users can set categories on the websites they want to keep or share.

For most search engine optimization experts, social bookmarking is a great help in making websites more popular in the online community. Social bookmarking tends to target the grassroots that is actually an effective way of targeting the right set of audience or market online. If there are a significant number of online users that bookmarked an article, video or podcast, the other online users consider the bookmarked material more interesting and credible. And this means, more could be interested in viewing the bookmarked material online.

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