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Affiliate Network – Social Bookmarking Creates an Advantage

Affiliate Network – Social Bookmarking Creates an Advantage

Article by Brian Lett

Are you an entrepreneur trying to make it big with our affiliate network? If so, I highly recommend that you become knowledgeable regarding social bookmarking. These days, the search engines are placing more value than ever on frequently updated, unique content. Consequently, the search engines tend to rank websites and blogs which feature frequently updated content more prominently than those which do not. Having said that, you still need to direct the search engines to your content. This is where social bookmarking comes in, and is what will be much of the focus of this article.

Let me start by giving some background as to why social bookmarking is so important when it comes to promoting products from our affiliate network. As I have said in the past, every single affiliate marketer in the world needs to own and operate their own website. With this website, you must focus on attracting your niche market. Once visitors from your niche market land on your website, you must give them an incentive to provide you with their e-mail address. The reason why you want their e-mail address is so that you can market affiliate products to them in the future. So how do you go about initially attracting niche targeted visitors to your website? Social bookmarking is a proven strategy.

If you are becoming anxious because you know little about social bookmarking, relax. It is very straight forward. Essentially, each time you add a new article to your or blog post to your website, a new URL is created. What you want to do, is create bookmarks to this new content by submitting the URL to social bookmarking websites, tagging it with relevant keywords, and submitting it to the appropriate category. The purpose of these social bookmarking websites is to provide you with a venue within which you can store all links to content which you would like to revisit in the future. However, social bookmarking serves more than just this purpose. The truth is that other users of each social bookmarking website enables other users to find your bookmarks. Additionally, the search engines are able to find and rank your bookmarks as well in the search engine results pages. Each bookmark is viewed as a one way link to your website from an authoritative website. These links will ultimately lead to your website or blog ranking in the search engines.

Sadly, there is a challenge. Social bookmarking is labor intensive. Just think about it. In order to submit a new link to each bookmarking website, you must log in, create your tags, enter your title, select the appropriate categories, and log out. Doing this for fifty different websites would take several hours. However, there is a simple solution. You can automate the process. The right software will enable you to bookmark you webpage in bookmarking sites in minutes. The software which I use cost less than , and does an outstanding job. As a matter of fact, I bookmarked pages from eight of my websites in forty-four social bookmarking websites while writing this article.

At the end of the day, if you want to make it big either with our affiliate network, or in any aspect of internet marketing, you must implement a multifaceted approach to internet marketing. These efforts should be directed squarely to steering targeted traffic to your website with a short-term strategy, as well as a long-term strategy. Keep in mind that the search engines are always looking for new yet unique content. Additionally, they also want to see that others view this content as valuable. The search engines assess the value of content in large part to the number of one way links pointing at the content, the authority and age of the website providing the link, as well as the age of the link. Social bookmarking provides you with a vehicle not only to provide valuable one way links to your website, but also with a means of immediate targeted traffic.

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Social bookmarking is a tool which those of you who promote the products of an Affiliate Network should understand fully. It provides one of the best ways to market your Affiliate Programs. Take it upon yourself to discover the vast benefits of social bookmarking

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