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Affiliates, Do You Have An Affiliate Marketing Business Or Not?

Affiliates, Do You Have An Affiliate Marketing Business Or Not?

Article by Andrew Gowans

The following article is one of a series of articles which focus on Affiliate, Article and Internet Marketing. All of the articles are based on real experiences and research done over twenty years as a personal and business coach. They are also written in response to questions which I have been asked as well as address common challenges that people have with affiliate marketing, article marketing, internet marketing or running an online business in general. I sincerely hope that you find the following information of value. One idea, one tip, one clue can make all the difference.

Affiliates, Do You Have An Affiliate Marketing Business Or Not?

When we get rid of all the hype and over inflated promises, affiliate marketing can still be a sound proposition. It is feasible to make as much money with affiliate marketing as it is through a conventional online business that sells products or services.

However, people who approach affiliate marketing as an opportunity to make some quick cash cannot truly regard themselves as running a business. Long term sustained profitability will be realized when the same due care and attention is paid to an affiliate marketing business as it would be paid to an offline business.

What does this due care and attention consist of?

Planning and Goal Setting

Have you ever been employed? Have you ever managed other people? Imagine not being able to discuss their roles, what their key objectives were, when those objectives had to be met, what their key success indicators (measures) were.

Imagine if your boss couldn’t do the same with you. The company would be a complete shambles. Now, just because you may be at home running an affiliate marketing enterprise from your P.C. doesn’t mean that planning goes out the window.

What are your goals for the next six months, year, five years? How will you know you are on track to meet those goals? What financial plans (other than luck) have you put in place to support your goals? What are your contingency plans if a) your are not successful and b) if you are a lot more successful than you had planned for?

It is imperative that you take the time to prepare your business plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be 100 pages in length but it must enable you to focus every day. It must enable you to focus on the priorities without getting distracted with non value-added activities.

A key part of beginning any business planning process is to do your research.


I doubt very much if you were about to embark on an offline business venture, you would just go ahead without conducting any research. I am pretty sure you would try and find out as much as you could about the business you chose, the product or service you were going to provide, who your targeted customers were going to be, what your marketing strategies were going to be. Anything to ensure your offline business stood every chance of being successful.

O.K. setting up an online affiliate marketing business may not be quite as involved but that doesn’t mean that we don’t conduct the necessary research.

You certainly should have a good idea of what your website’s main theme is going to be, how you will produce the customer focused content for that site and what related affiliate programs will provide the “solution” to the problem or challenge you have described in the content.

It is absolutely vital that credibility and reputation is built from the outset. This will only come from conducting research into the affiliate programs and products you wish to promote. How else can you pre-sell these solutions to your potential customers?

Give yourself a fighting chance by researching the marketplace. Having decided your theme, main topic or niche, who are your competitors? How are they marketing their site(s)? How are they attracting customers and what are those customers buying?

Now, what can you do to be unique, to attract the same potential customers, what value can you add? You need to give your affiliate marketing program a real chance to work so stick with it for a while, track what pages are working or not, what products are selling or not, and ultimately if you are making a profit or not.

Get The Basics Right

Your content needs to be compelling, interesting, informative and pre-sell all at the same time. Difficult? It doesn’t need to be. If you have done any of the research suggested above, you will have noticed how others do it. Learn from them. Check other affiliate marketing sites and note their headlines, sub headlines, opening paragraphs, and above all, how they place and write their “call to action” – what they want their visitors to do.

If you are new to setting up or even designing websites, there are a number of free and low cost solutions available. Guess what, yes do some research online and offline. You may even decide to learn basic skills such as html and design your own site.

Whichever way you decide to go, the important thing to remember always is to keep your readers engaged. The last thing you want is to have site visitors clicking off as soon as they have clicked on. Believe me you won’t keep your visitors on your site with a whole bunch of fancy animated graphics and little or no real value-added content. However, you will stand a great chance of holding your visitors with a relatively plain site and great, informative content.

Experienced and successful affiliate marketers know that it takes time to do it properly. Throwing up a website with a few affiliate programs, flash banners and next to no content won’t cut it any more. Your site visitors have become far too discerning for that.

Take the time and do it right and you’ll see the results in your bank account.

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