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Article Marketing and Submission for Your Website Promotion!

Article Marketing and Submission for Your Website Promotion!

Article marketing is one of most useful and trustworthy method of online promotions. Article writing and submission are the largely used techniques to promote a website. The submitted articles contain signature of authors with link to original site that made up every article as back up links on web, thus search engines also provides weightage as back-links for their search result ranking. There are so many directory web-sites that host articles as free. By submitting the articles on such directories expands your website’s online presence.

Article submitters found some issues relating to article submission process that can be divided into a few categories – The process, the benefits and the techniques. It is definitely necessary to understand the process of submission that works. The main intention behind submitting your content to an article submission directories is to get rank well in search engine’s result page. When any particular website’s owner writes an content with using targeted keywords and links the article back to his own web-site, it is basically to increase his website’s online visibility and promotion of his own business. If a website owners or publisher takes the content of the article by paying whatever required to the article submission directories and publishes the article on a blog or another website, then back-link which comes with the article get posted on that particular blog or website. This increases the visibility of article on various websites and people using the second website to read the entire content of article and visits the original website to gather more information. So article submission is the great way to increase your online presence as well as building traffic for your website.

There are many other benefits of article marketing as like increase website’s popularity. If the articles are good enough and if they are marketed properly then it is bound to be used by web developers and publishers who are always on the lookout for new articles. This results in the link of the writer’s website being distributed in various sites as a result increasing its popularity and also boosts the traffic to the site. If the articles by a writer become popular then it works as a cycle. Sometimes the writer becomes a regular to some blogs or websites; as a result the author’s website also receives limelight. Free article submission also requires some techniques that come in handy while writing an article. Though there are no specific rules on writing content for article, but there are lots of guidelines available to attract readers on your article. While you are producing content for article marketing, do some keyword research on the topic you have chosen for article. Keywords are an essential for search engine ranking and optimization. The keyword should be used enough times in the body of content. Long tail keywords would be good to use in article, it will provide more weightage from search engine point of view.

Whenever you are ready for producing content for your article marketing, I would suggest you to do some research on the topic you have choose, read other writer’s blogs, posts to gain more knowledge, read journals related to your niche, if possible then conduct interview of experts in this niche and ask them to provide guest post. Now note down all general questions which could come up with this topic. Remember, every readers landing on your article would come up with his/her own set of questions, try to provide all generic question’s answer on the topic you would be discussing with your readers group,  which will make them sure that you are the expertise in this niche. They will start follow you as well as spread your article within their friends and family.



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