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Article Marketing Secrets – Building Your List Through Article Marketing

Article Marketing Secrets – Building Your List Through Article Marketing

The fact is, article marketing is a very effective and easy to implement technique that will substantially grow your list faster than just about any other list building strategy.

What really makes this method motivating is the fact that you simply write articles around a specific niche topic on a regular basis submitting them to the top article directories with a link leading back to your squeeze page or website.

In order for this process to work properly you should focus on writing articles that are between 400 and 500 words long providing quality content to your prospective readers. You need to make sure to finish or closeout your article with a strong call to action where you direct or lead your reader onto the next step which just happens to be your website where they will find additional information that will help solve a problem or question they may have about a particular niche topic.

I mentioned providing quality content in your article and this is important because it builds credibility with your readers and allows you to establish yourself as an expert for the topic they are interested in learning more about.


To some extent, article marketing is a bit of a numbers game so if you can consistently create two or three new articles on a daily basis in support of your list building efforts you will find that your opt-ins or subscribers will start to increase at a rapid rate.

Article marketing is without question one of the most explosive and successful ways to generate traffic to your website or squeeze page which will directly affect the size of your subscribers list.

When it comes to the power of article marketing I can speak directly from firsthand knowledge and experience because it is the primary method that I use to build my own lists in a variety of niches.

Although I’ve been writing articles for several years now and have developed a strong understanding of what does and does not work when it comes to article marketing it shouldn’t keep you from getting started on your own list building efforts. As you begin to write more and more articles you will find that the process of writing and submitting articles will become easier and soon you may even begin creating your own products.

This much I can promise, if you start writing and submitting articles today in order to build a list you will find that 3 or 4 months from now you will have more subscribers and be making more money with your online business then you were yesterday.

Are you ready to learn more tips on how to write enticing articles in order to drive more visitors to your websites?

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