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Article Marketing Spoilers – Some Highlighted Ones

Article Marketing Spoilers – Some Highlighted Ones

There are several marketers that do not really know about some of the common article marketing spoilers and as a result they are not making the most out of their efforts in article marketing. These spoilers or mistakes need to be avoided otherwise your campaign would not provide you with sufficient results and it may eventually fail in the very end as well.

Article marketing spoiler #1: punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors. There are a few grammatical mistakes that can be overlooked in my personal opinion; this is because of the fact that not all of the writers are Native English Speakers. However, I would not say the same thing regarding spelling mistakes. Usually Word processors have spell checkers in them so before you get your article published make sure that you use this feature and get your article checked for any spelling mistakes.

Article marketing spoiler #2: overlooking the importance of paragraphing. I have seen several articles that are of around 400 words and they all are in a single paragraph; please avoid doing this and stuffing all the words together. You might not relize this but the entire single pragraphed article appears pretty much unreadable. Try to break your article in to paragraphs so it looks more organized and become eaiser to read at the same time as well; I would suggest that an article of 400 words should be broken into 4 to 5 paragraphs of around 100 words each.

Article marketing spoiler #3: being too much promotional. Keep one thing in mind all the times; people surfing the internet are in need of information; not to buy anything. Never try to sound like you are trying to sell something to them. Whenever I come across an article that would be trying to sell something; I would not even read the entire first paragraph and simply move on to some other informative one. You should always aim your articles to be problem solvers for people and at the same time informative as well.

Article marketing spoiler #4: Unattractive Header. All the potential article readers get an idea about how an article would be like from its header since this is the first contact readers make with a piece of writing or an article. Your article headers should be attractive and catchy so that the readers can get a clear idea that they would surely find something informative for themselves in the remaining passages.

Article written by Julia Wayne, expert copywriter and Internet marketer. To learn more about article marketing, Internet traffic, proper Internet marketing and how to avoid most common mistakes, visit Internet Traffic Secrets Website.

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