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Article Submitter Reviews – Article Marketing Robot Review

Article Submitter Reviews – Article Marketing Robot Review

A month ago I attended a web seminar where this guy was making buku dollars with his Mlm business. His system was based upon article marketing and to tell you the truth, it did not seem to be hard in any way. In this Article Submitter Review I’m about to clarify how this guy managed to use just one easy program, Article Marketing Robot, to generate a vast quantity of qualified visitors employing a nearly free technique.

1st of all allow me start off with my brief story. A yr ago I made the selection to sign up for a Multi level markeing business because I needed to have the stay at home with my newborn baby. I soon realized that my sponsor’s strategy and assistance was as good as a rock, when it comes to building leads. The only thing he was advising me to do was to talk to folks on the street, grocery shop, work, and so on and tell them about my excellent network marketing business…. You can imagine how that ended up, right?

Rather aggravated I decide to locate methods to market my enterprise with out getting to cold call anyone and without having to bother people anywhere. So after hunting for a few weeks I discovered a MLM Lead Generation System that guaranteed it will assist you to generate prospects with out you at any time having to pick up the telephone or speaking to a stranger, so that seemed fairly good.

Once I enrolled and soon after the few hours of setup I discovered that this was not merely an extremely exciting model, but a huge coaching library. They had above 200 video clip webinars archived and so I resolved to look around and I came across this Article Marketing technique by David Wood.

What did David Wood do? Well, In extremely easy steps: he would produce an article, then he would publish it on his web-site after which he’d bookmark it using Onlywire. Then he would spin it and propagate it to a huge selection of content articles directories making use of Automatic Article Submitter. Right after that he’d record just a little advertising video for the article and distribute that out using Traffic Geyser.


The results that he obtained were absolutely outstanding! Within two or 3 months he’d grown to be the number one distributor for his multi-level organization and for a few affiliate programs at the same time. Now he’s become one of the most respected and sought after internet entrepreneurs. He almost certainly earns if not, very close to 7 figures and he at last has the way of life that he wants.

So going back to my article submitter critique of Article Marketing Robot… I worked with Automatic Article Submitter and it was extremely tough to use, not in the sense that the program was poor, but the simple fact that it needed a rather long time for you to create the accounts and then to arrange and spin the articles to get processed. Furthermore, I used to be by no means able to get virtually any visible results.
In addition, as the yr passed, it looks like the operator of the application is no longer upgrading it and it has serious functional problems, and most of the article directories are no longer around. So right after wasting lots of time trying to get this software to operate properly I’d get about 25 submission.

Searching for a more suitable article submitter I located a new program, in the exact same video collection as before, its name was Article Marketing Robot. So I choice to look over the program’s site and give it a try. Their sale page just isn’t that sexy, however the product is fantastic. Here is why.

– First of all, Article Marketing Robot Automatically signs you up for almost all of the article directories.
– It’s an awesome built-in spinner
– Currently it holds over 6,thousand content internet directories that it could distribute content to.
– Additionally it allows you to add as many Wp weblogs as you need
– It’s got incorporated captcha solving
– It is extremely fast!
– It has the ability to provide you with your article’s livelinks. Which is an great tool that I have never ever viewed in any other article submitter.

After subscribing to each of the accounts I was sure that Article Marketing Robot was for me. Here is what I’ve reached by exclusively using this article submitter:

. After using Article Marketing Robot for the 1st 5 days (the totally free trial offer) I was able to see almost all of my posts rating inside the 1st page. Sometimes in several positions.
. My site’s Alexa ranking went from limbo (I don’t recall how many millions) to 350k, as of today. And that number gets stronger every day.
. I started getting one to five qualified leads each day within the first 14 days.
. My back links were finally growing.
. My web site rank on the very first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, for a very competitive keyphrase.

If you are still skeptic, sign-up for the 5 day trial period. You are going to be hooked and astonished at the results that the Article Marketing Robot yields. If you get creative it is possible to even locate ways to make cash utilizing this software and outsourcing solutions.

To sign up for your free trial go to Article Marketing Robot Review and click on the logo. Also, click here —> Lead Generation System if you are interested in learning more about getting leads on autopilot, without ever haging to pick up your phone or talk to strangers.

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