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Black Hat Code Breaker: Makes CPA Offers Work

Black Hat Code Breaker: Makes CPA Offers Work

When I first saw the name of this product was was immediately turned off because I’m not interested in black hat marketing tactics and want to shy away from them. I kept on hearing good things about Black Hat Code Breaker though, so I decided to look into it. Essentially this is a way to make CPA (clicks per action) offers effective. All that you have to do is embed some script into your website/blog and you are all set.

Black Hat Code Breaker is an embedded script that will help convert your CPA marketing offers. The script is customizable and you can customize it to embed various widgets like Amazon, EBay or even Flash games. Once it’s all set up, whenever any visitor clicks or navigates on your blog/website the content gets locked and then the visitor is forced to make an option. The reality of CPA offers is that it’s difficult to get people to participate. Black Hat Code Breaker is a strong arm tactic for sure, but the feedback suggests that it works like crazy.

As The Black Hat Code Breaker script makes it possible for you to lock content within your website that visitors want access to. They must perform a task in order to get access to that content. Obviously, that’s how it works. The Black Hat Code Breaker package provides a script, an installation and monetization manual and video. It also includes tips on how to get accepted to CPA networks, who have a reputation for being picky about the clients they choose.

The Black Hat Code Breaker package works with all CPA networks, and participants say that you won’t get banned from these CPA networks. The package is easy to use even if you’re a newbie to CPA Marketing and it works with Double-Opt-In offers. If you want this to work for you and you’re interested in keeping a decent online reputation, then you need to offer something to make it worth your visitors time. If somebody makes the effort to complete a task so they can unlocked content, and then if the content is disappointing, you could wind up getting complaints.

The bottom line is that the Black Hat Code Breaker scripts are effective, but you need to offer something of value. Do the tactics and strategies outlines in Black Hat Code Breaker technically qualify as black hat marketing. When I think of black hat marketing, I think of unethical and potentially illegal efforts to game the system to achieve undeserved advantages
In my opinion the Black Hat Code Breaker definitely pushed the envelope, but if you give something of value in exchange for information, then these tactics are fair. Aggressive yes, unethical no. In the end it’s a judgment call. The word on the street regarding Black Hat Code Breaker is that it’s effective and make CPA offers profitable. The purchase price is a one-time .

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