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Blogging Blueprint for Social Media

Blogging Blueprint for Social Media

Article by Derrick Bell

Blogging Blueprint for Social MediaIf you been thinking of starting an internet marketing business, then you need learn how to blog about it or you will miss one of the best ways to get free targeted traffic to your website. However, getting a blog up and keep it current is just part of blogging. One of the most successful blogging strategies is to take advantage of social media networking sites to advertise your business and your blog posts.

To be successful at making social media sites a part of your day to day business activities you must understand that many people use these sites as their main source of news and gossip. A popular social media site like FaceBook gets a lot of traffic. Face Book drew more than 500 million visitors in 2010. People visit Face Book and similar sites to connect with friends and family, but also to share content from the web, including their own blog posts. If users like what they read, there’s a good chance they will click on the back link to your blog, then you can share even more valuable content through free niche products or free niche training. Make sure, but in a subtle way you have products to sell on your blog. This let them know you’re an expert in your niche and you have value.

Submit your blog post to Face Book, Digg, Twitter and other social media sites and you will have the benefit of building back links to your blog, so it’s well worth your time to submit your blog posts to social media sites. It is also very easy to do and very often it’s just a few clicks of a mouse and you’re done.

Another advantage of blogging regularly and putting your post of on social media networking sites is to brand yourself and build credibility. Make sure you use keywords that people are searching to search for your type of niche. Social media networks also give your blog a boost in search engine rankings and it is possible that you can get your site in the top 5 of Google for a wide range of keywords if you take a disciplined approach to the social marketing. One way to find great keywords for your post or niche is to use Google keyword search tool. It will tell you how many times a word is being searched monthly. This tool can also be good for helping you to fine tune your niche or creating a unique niche altogether. This will surely put you on the path of getting your site in the top 5 of Google.

Choose 10 of the best social media networking sites for your business and concentrate on 85-90% to your social media networking and marketing effort and make regular contributions to these sites. The remaining 10-15% of your allotted time can be used to send occasional communications to other social marketing sites that you want to maintain a presence.

By using a disciplined approach to blogging and social media sites, you get a lot more notoriety for your blog post and online marketing business than if you take a scatterbrain approach to social marketing. Your blog and blog post in combination with social media sites is one of the best blog tactics to put into action. By

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