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CLIPMANIA: World Wide Video – You are TV

CLIPMANIA takes a glance at what the ‘Can Gang’ from Valence in France have been throwing. CLIPMANIA meets young polish internet drumming sensation Igor Falecki And CLIPMANIA investigates the new Marketing bug which is infecting the internet. Can Throwing as Visual Poetry Five young Frenchmen turn tossing a can away into an artform. Even the simplest film ideas can sometimes lead to big things. Five friends from the provincial town of Valence near Lyon got together with a camera and a tin can and took to the streets. They posted their first video on the internet in May 2006 and kick started a new trend, winning fans all over the world. Suddenly many other people tried to master their can throwing skills. The youngsters from ‘The Can Gang’ received an interesting proposal: a free trip around the world with unlimited drinks, courtesy of a major soft drinks producer.Polish Percussion Prodigy and Internet Star Little Igor Falecki from Poland is one of the most famous drummers on the Internet. But exactly how does someone so young, get to be so good? AND just how old is this boy ? Igor Falecki is only six years old but he can already drum like a pro. His dad films him practising at home in Gdansk, Poland, and posts the footage on the Internet. His videos have attracted around 20 million clicks. There’s plenty of media interest in the talented 6-year-old too. He’s given lots of interviews and people even ask for his autograph. His parents, both muscians, are very careful not to


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