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Cloud Music (pt 3)

Why is Amazon willing to lose money signing up people for their cloud music services? Hi, I’m Mickeleh continuing my series on Amazon’s cloud music services. To review. Part one covered the What? The cloud is the internet. Cloud storage is storage on somebody else’s hard drive somewhere out on the Internet. And there are thousands of services offering it. Cloud music services add to that special features for, well, music. Amazon is pushing a cloud storage service for music (and other things) called Cloud Drive. And a streaming player called Cloud player. They’re pushing it so hard that they’re practically giving it away. They even sold lady Gaga’s album at a loss to pull people in. Part two we covered the Why And we covered the Why Apple dominates online music sales through iTunes. Amazon has been able to take share from other players, but hasn’t dented Apple’s dominance. But there are two important market changes that Amazon may be able to take advantage of Amazon has been able to take share from other players, but hasn’t dented Apple’s dominance. Both Apple and Amazon grew year to year. Opportunity. As Android phones take share from iPhones, Amazon might be able to finally take share from iTunes. And that’s certainly worth a few million dollars to Amazon. But if you look at platforms, the picture is different. Combine all the Android phones together, and Android is the dominant platform Part three let’s look into Why Now? Let’s get started. OPENING Amazon might want to
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