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Comparing Google Affiliate Network with Google Adsense

Comparing Google Affiliate Network with Google Adsense

Article by hmetode

There are many ways to monetize your blogs or websites, and Google Adsense is the most popular method around. But since Google launches a new product called Google affiliate network, many bloggers that has already earn much money from Adsense are attracted to change their way of monetizing blog. So which one is better? or Adsense?For your information, Google affiliate network originally is a program that coming as a result from the Google acquisition of DoubleClick. Together with Google, there are also many services that has rebranded with Google brand and releases to public. So unlike adsense, affiliate network is not the product that comes up from Google’s idea but it still adds variation of affiliate program from Google. To be able to use Google affiliate network, you need to own an approved Google Adsense account. After that, you need to apply to individual companies by searching it manually. It is surely took much time, but if you already know what niche you are working for, then the searching of the company that related to your niche is much easier and faster. Even so, sometimes after looking for hours, there are no companies that match your term at that time, which means that you have wasted a lot of time. The disadvantages of Google not only stops in there as although you finally get the companies for your affiliate program, there are many companies only offer limited time frame for the offer, some only last 7 days, but some others may last for 1 month. Mostly, after the time frame are running out, you need to update your pages and update it into the new offering that you have found from other companies, surely through the manual search form you Google affiliate account. Some people might think this is unpractical, but some others believe that it is more comfortable as they can change the company as they like.Meanwhile, the Google Adsense seems to offer quite better offering than Google. For example, you don’t need to change the ad units like the one Google affiliate program offer, the advertisements will just appear automatically and you only need to paste the code. However, this makes you cannot change the advertisement on your websites or blogs as you wish. Another advantage of Google Adsense that Google affiliate program don’t have is the payment aspect. In adsense, you get paid up for the referring clicks or page impression, while the Google mostly only pay you if the products or services the companies offers are sold. On some case, the commission you get from company can be really big, especially if the products of service that sold are expensive. While on Adsense, the rate per clicks is mostly stable. So, which one is better between Google Adsense and Google affiliate network? The answer is depends on your monetizing methods because some of Adsense concept are works best for some niche, while another niche might works very well for Google affiliate network . One thing for sure is, both of the products from Google are the easiest way for you to get income by working online.

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