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CPA Affiliates – Every Action Has A Reaction

CPA Affiliates – Every Action Has A Reaction

If you are the owner and operator of an online affiliate website and you are part of a larger network, you are probably looking for more ways to increase the income you receive from your business. The best way to do this is to generate leads. It’s one of the most lucrative forms of marketing yet surprisingly used very little by online businesses. You can change that for your site with a simple step.

Shh! CPA affiliates generate leads

There’s an easy way to start generating leads and earning more money. Thoroughly research and then join a CPA affiliate in addition to the programs you are already working with. It’s that easy. Sign up for one the many CPA affiliate networks and add the custom landing page they provide you to your website. Whenever someone visits your site and fills out and submits the form they find there, you get paid. These networks help bring advertisers and publishers closer together. You provide each other with a specific service and you both win.

Stop, I’m confused…what does CPA mean?


CPA means ‘cost per action’. You get paid for every action. As mentioned above, whenever a guest to your site fills out and submits the form, you get paid. If you advertise your website properly, keep it up to date and make it attractive and informational, being a CPA affiliate is going to push the traffic on your site higher and add to your commission.

The facts about CPA affiliation

When you are part of a traditional affiliate network, you still have to go out and market your product. You are relying on your sales technique to send a potential customer to the merchant site via your affiliate link, and then hope they buy something that equals one to five percent sales. Unless you and the merchant advertise the product properly, this method of earning commissions is not a very effective one.

On the other hand, CPA affiliate networks make earning that commission a bit easier. Yes, you still have to promote the product and acquire traffic, hopefully by having a great website put together with search engine placement and key word optimization. After that though, it’s really up to the guest. All they have to do is fill out the form requesting information. They do not have to buy anything. Period. As long as they hit submit, you get paid.

Generate leads and make money

As long as your website is informational, has integrity, and is interesting with good product or service descriptions, you will generate money by being a CPA affiliate. Many people look for information on mortgages, insurance, credit cards, even cell phone ring tones. Why not use that to your advantage? You are providing customers with a way to get the information they want, the merchant is getting a long-term, serious lead, and you are earning money doing it. What’s even nicer about the whole thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort on your part. Just making sure your site is up to date is all you need to do once your landing page is in place.

For every action there is an equal reaction. By becoming a CPA affiliate, that reaction can pay you money.

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