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Customer Features for Mobile Marketing Services

Customer Features for Mobile Marketing Services

Article by John Patrick

Trumpia?s customer features for mobile marketing services seem to be like a run-down list of reasons to get on board with the technology. Once you?ve cracked the mobile market you will be able to have direct conversations with your customers, which enables you to do a lot more than just selling them. Selling, of course, is the bottom line ? but you can do that in a way that benefits your customer. That?s what mobile advertising is all about: moving away from spam and onto targeted, useful campaigns where the customer genuinely gets something that he or she wants.

A bulk SMS blast helps your mobile marketing campaign to take off in style, Once you have gathered willing phone numbers into a database, you can control exactly what they get sent and when. Make a statement your customers will love and get their full attention.

Two-way texting lets your customers respond to text blast messages ? making them feel like part of the family. You can also control quizzes and offer codes with two-way texting.

A mobile text appointment reminder takes care of any business that you have arranged to do. If your customer has booked a show, a table or a room with you, your mobile marketing service will be able to send him or her both confirmation and reminders ? ensuring that the customer is happy and that the appointment is filled.

Mobile voting features let your customers have a say in the way things are done. Create fun, engaging promotions that make your valued customers feel as though they are genuinely engaging with what you do. They?ll love you for it and you?ll get a reciprocal relationship that translates to loyalty and sales.

No mobile marketing strategy is complete without a Twitter style update service. Let your loyal fans know exactly what your business is ?thinking? and they?ll continue to foster that sense of being part of a family.

Trumpia has gone one step further than just creating these services ? when you do your SMS marketing with this company; you also get the chance to resell the Trumpia brand as your own technology. You name the business and keep the functionality, so all you have to do is start selling.

Mobile keywords are a staple of all mobile marketing solutions. This is really where the key relationship between advertiser and client comes into being. Your customers ask you to advertise to them by sending a mobile keyword to a dedicated phone number or short code. In so doing they are registering their interest in specified products and services ? so you can target them with wanted text messages, which will give them heads up information about your latest offerings. The beauty of the mobile keyword is that you can make it as specific as you want ? for example: ?to receive updates about our ski holidays, text SKI to this number; to receive updates about snowboarding holidays, text BOARD to this number; or to receive information about both texts to a third number?.

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Trumpia is a mobile text, instant messaging and email marketing company. Trumpia provides a bulk SMS package that includes mobile keywords and flexible list management to ensure targeted advertising.

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