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Danielle fet. Cherine – REBEL [Official Music video] | PONdENDS.COM ?(-???-?)? HD

Jamaican Radio station pondends.com | Follow us : www.twitter.com PONdENDS is a Jamaican online radio station with a website (and a mobile website, first in Jamaica) that seeks to provide Jamaican artistes, producers, dancers, models and fashion designers established or not, with an engine to reach the international market. PONDENDS is equipped with a powerful internet radio that offers visitors locally and internationally a chance to listen to both Jamaican and international music played by our Djs. The radio is all about entertainment and promotions/advertisements. We broadcast primarily a mix of ole skool, the hottest, and latest in Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B and so many more. Our visitors/listeners can listen on their mobile devices from anywhere in the world via PONdNEDS MOBILE WEBSITE | which supports the iPhone & iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android and other Smartphones visit here with your smartphone pondends.com Our visitors/listeners can stay tuned to the radio, music videos, and the happenings in the news on their mobile device. We have a growing fan base of 201000+ People. The website is also a very powerful research & marketing tool for Caribbean entertainment. Visitors can even call in free from their computer via Skype and give shout out, dedicate a song, participate in talk shows and interviews with dancehall and reggae artistes in Jamaica and the Caribbean. WEBSITE : pondends.com | Follow us : twitter.com | email videos/musics/articles etc to
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