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Dee Doanes Part 1 – Social Media, Viral Marketing, SEO, SEM, and E Books

thriveamerica.com | Dee Doanes Part 1 Jigsaw Business Communications is a boutique agency specializing in meeting the ever expanding need for 21st Century business communications, including Internet and Web 2.0 marketing, public speaking for executives, book writing and marketing, copywriting, corporate communications workshops, multi-media production and project management. The firms CEO, Dee Doanes, has more than 15 years experience meeting the corporate communications needs of firms medium and large, in sectors ranging from technology to government contracting, arts and entertainment, hospitality and tourism, city planning, international law, commercial and residential real estate and manufacturing, to name just a few. The former co-chair of the Writing in the Schools Program for Georgia Writers, Ms. Doanes has also been featured on Thrive America (www.thriveamerica.com) and Your Business Channel (www.yourbusinesschannel.com). She founded Jigsaw Business Communications on the premise that great businesses need great communication. Passionate about her work, Dee believes that all businesses can communicate in a lively, creative and engaging manner. Most importantly, she emphasizes, great business communication increases your customer base, improves employee productivity, streamlines customer service and impacts your bottom line. Dee also enjoys collecting wine, gourmet cooking, mountain biking, martial arts and world travel. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jigsaw Business
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