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Five Steps to Becoming a Top-Notch Article Marketer

Five Steps to Becoming a Top-Notch Article Marketer

Article by Ken Vogt

You’re ready to market your business online. Through research, you now understand that article marketing is an excellent method for doing so. However, you’re not sure where to start so you become an article marketer extraordinaire.

The first thing to do is gain a thorough understanding of your role in the article marketing process. Next, gain a through understanding of what constitutes a quality content distribution service. Working together, you both ensure that your article campaigns produce results.

With the above in mind, here are five steps to becoming a top-notch article marketer:

1. Know your products inside out

You can’t write informative articles on topics related to your products without a deep understanding of the products. These may be affiliate or other products you promote. Gain knowledge of these products through using them if you can.

At the very least, perform the research necessary to learn about them. You can even talk to others who use the products you’re promoting. Their insight into what they like and dislike about them can help you write about them intelligently.

2. Know your target market inside out

Once you know your products, strive to know the audience who uses them. You can tailor your article topics to what information your niche audience wants concerning the products. Let their interests guide your writing, not your own.

For example, you may be part of an affiliate program that sells fine organic coffees. Your web and other research reveal that readers are looking for good articles on the best coffee growing regions. Their desire is to purchase coffee from these regions. Therefore, focus a set of articles on this topic. You are giving your readers what they want and building your reputation with them as well.

3. Devote the necessary time to research, writing, and rewriting

Creating quality articles for your niche market means a time investment. Article writing isn’t always an easy task. However, you don’t want to offer a sub-standard work to your readers. They expect you to provide them detailed, relevant, timely content.

Give that to them by understanding the topic thoroughly. They’re approaching your articles with the attitude that they’re going to gain new knowledge. Next, logically present your expertise and findings. Write clearly, in a conversational tone. Strive to educate, not to flaunt your way with words. Rewrite as necessary, with simple expression of ideas your goal.

4. Stay Abreast of New Developments

You can only write up-to-date articles if you stay current on what’s going on in your field. Success as an article marketer involves keeping your target audience interested in your writings. People look for the latest news concerning products, including upgrades available and such. You can’t write a great product comparison article if you don’t know what the latest products are offering.

In addition, readers look for the latest news on topics related to your products. Take our coffee example; a new organic farm operation may be on the scene. They may offer a coffee bean variety that produces a new unique flavor.

Your niche wants to know this kind of information. Learn about them and get this information to them. You, staying on top of things, builds your credibility as a writer. Credibility encourages linking back from your articles to your website.

5. Know the Attributes of, and Choose a Quality Content Distribution Service

Performing steps one through four ensures you have quality articles to present to your audience. One final and major step remains; you need a quality content distribution service working for you. A premier service gets those well-written articles, loaded with useful information, to your niche efficiently.

A service of this type offers live article review from professional editors. They also offer personalized coaching from said professionals. Some article services offer no editing, or only computer program editing.

In addition, the best service offers article marketing automation. They have the technology in place so your article campaigns run on auto-pilot. You simply submit your articles and schedule when you want them to distribute. Your articles go out in the coming months without you having to do anything more.

Another attribute of a quality content distribution service is a comprehensive distribution list. A good service has associations with thousands of top publishers. This gives you choice, something that every article marketer needs. You can target your articles to specific categories and sub-categories that suit your topics.

Follow theses five steps so that you excel as an article marketer. Focus on writing informative articles that offer something new to your readers. Follow that up by choosing a quality content distribution service that sends your articles across cyberspace. Then watch your backlinks grow and subsequently your online sales.

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