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Foundation of Article Marketing: Back To Article Marketing Basics

Foundation of Article Marketing: Back To Article Marketing Basics

Article by Ryan McKinney

The foundation of article marketing or article marketing basics, is important for any aspiring article marketer. What the article marketing basics? Article Marketing basics can be broken down into three components that are your foundation of article marketing:

A. Select the keyword phrase that your article is centered fromB. Outline the paragraphsC. Third and sometimes very tricky component in the foundation of article marketing, optimizing your key word density

Selecting the keyword phrase: first step in building your foundation of article marketing,what you want to focus your article on is important. You want to find a keyword phrase that has 5,000 or less natural rankings. This will improve the chance of your article getting listed organically.

Now next in your foundation of article marketing, is outlining the paragraphs.The keyword phrase should be in your articles headline, and you want a catchy headline! You need to grab the readers attention, an important part article marketing basics.To re-iterate your keyword phrase must be in the headline.

You should introduce the product, and explain what it is.An important article marketing basic rule:Keywords should also be used in your first two sentences. Next paragraph, you can explain the benefits of the product. Third paragraph, how the product will help the reader. After that you want to list any personal experiences or opinions you may have on the product.Finally, how this product can be obtained.This my friend,is the article marketing basic outline.

Remember the third component? Key word optimization? The last part to your foundation of article marketing.I usually aim for no higher than 3%,and no less than 1% – the search engines can just read it as spam,or not pick up the keywords at all, respectively. Now, unless you have some kind of article writing program that you can plug in your keywords and it tells you your percentage, you will need to do this the old fashion way. Suck at math? It’s alright,I was an auditor for the Marines Corps.For every 100 words in your article, your keyword(s) needs to show up no more than 3 times.

Now Wealthy Affiliate University has an outstanding article marketing course, and an article spinner,both perfect to build on the foundation of article marketing you just learned. Since I personally am a member of this site, I use their article marketing rapid writer.If You don’t feel like dishing out you may want to check out Article Cash Robots. Beats counting my words and keywords, and figuring out where I stand on my keyword optimization.I hope you have a more stable foundation of article marketing and better understanding of article marketing basics!

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