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Free and Affortable Steps on Affiliate Marketing!

Free and Affortable Steps on Affiliate Marketing!

Article by Gail Warren

Hello My name is Gail Warren. I started this business of Affiliated Marketing because I truly wanted to make some money! The world of WWW is very complicated if you are just starting out! I guess you can say that I have been trying to “start out!” for quite some time. I have stumbled upon a man name Ewin Chi. His Affiliate Marketing plans is jam pack with tips, hints, and strategies. I will give you some glimpse of information that you can find on this site: tinyurl.com/2ufzh6

Step 1: Get a clickbank. A clickbank allows you to receive your money once a customer has paid for the product. You can get as many as you like. There are great tools for different product there under Marketplace. Check it out!

Hint: When receiving your user name make sure that you copy it down word for word. They will not give you the same one, but allow you to issue another one. You can be spinning your wheels for a while, if you did not write it down! I have a dry eraser board hanging up in my second room call my office.

Step 2: Now, once you have the click bank, go to the Marketplace. This is where you will find companies available for an affiliate program. They have several categories! click on one! Look for the highest turn over one. ( the amount you will receive) It will look something like this!

(1) Day Job Killer. Kill. Or Be Killed. $ /sale: .86 | %/sale: 75.0% | %refd: 83.0% | grav: 540.69 view pitch page | create hoplink —

grav: 540.69 — how many people sold this product—————–refd: 83.0 —- what percentage used clickbank——————-$ /sale: 45.86 is the cost for the product————————-%/sale: 75% is what you will receive out of 45.86—————–.

———————————————————————NOT BAD PIECE OF CHANGE!!!

All affiliate Marketing programs they are free and eager for you to help them, so don’t worry. pick one!

example: gail88.secretaff.hop.clickbank.net/

my user name is: gail88. There will be a second on the line that says, “pitch” or nickname (username) The user name is where you will click on and plugg in you user name: (gail88). Now you have just created a hyperlink. this is where your customer will pay you.

Step 3: Create an Ad. When creating an ad, make sure all the letters are Capitalized. Affiliate Marketing Programs especially Googles love this! Example:

Affiliate Loser?Win The Game With My Secret Weapon. Free Report:gail88.secretaff.hop.clickbank.net/

Notice my Nickname!!!

Hint Hint!!!if you hyperlink is too long and you will run into this! Goto: tinyurl.com This will shorten it to:tinyurl.com/2ufzh6

now your ad looks like this:

Affiliate Loser?Win The Game With My Secret Weapon. Free Report:tinyurl.com/2ufzh6

At this point you can create an account with Googles (pay-per-click), yahoo, or Advoyager. In this Affiliate Marketing program it will should you how to download a free, YES, I said free keyword search! It’s beautiful! Its gives you the top Search Engine sites, how many click and what name is the largest!


Now that you have where you want your money to go, you must go to this site to get all the simple to use. Jammed Pack ready to use information.and hints goto:


Gail Warren

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