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Galen Gering hosts ACME SATURDAY NIGHT

ACME SATURDAY NIGHT July 23, 2011 ———- Host: GALEN GERING (“Days of our Lives”) Musical Guest: JOCELYN SCOFIELD Starring: DIANA COSTA, CURTISS FRISLE, LEIF GANTVOORT, NICK GRECO, DAN KANE, BILL KESSLER, JOSEPH LIMBAUGH, JEN PARKER, BRETT SHERIDAN, JAKE WEST, JULIE WITTNER Executive Producer: DAN KANE Producers: LEIF GANTVOORT, JOSH PAGET Television Producer: ELIOT HOCHBERG Created by: DAN KANE & LEIF GANTVOORT Sketch Director: LEIF GANTVOORT News Director: DAN KANE Artistic Director: LEIF GANTVOORT Technical Director: JOSH PAGET Head Writer: JOSEPH LIMBAUGH Staff Writer: JOSH PAGET Art Director: ROB WOOD Musical Director: JONATHAN GREEN Television Director: TRAVIS RICHEY Dolly Camera: JOEL KARAHADIAN Camera Operators: JIM EWING, BRIAN GIOVANNI, JOEL KARAHADIAN, YONATAN MALLINGER Stage Director: ROB WOOD Teleprompter: MICHAEL VANDERHAI Set Design: LEIF GANTVOORT Set Construction: LEIF GANTVOORT, BRETT SHERIDAN Music Director/Title Theme/Original Music:JONATHAN GREEN Drums: CHRISTIAN MALMIN Title Sequence: ELIOT HOCHBERG Musical Sound Mixer: PAUL DURASO House Manager: MATT FOX DIGITAL SHORT – “Kaemel Tow” Director: LEIF GANTVOORT Director of Photography: BRIAN GIOVANNI AD/Sound: ROB WOOD Editors: BRIAN GIOVANNI PR & Host Booking: CHARLES RILEY PR Marketing/Promotions/Web Design/Development: ELIOT HOCHBERG Shot live in front of a studio audience at ACME COMEDY HOLLYWOOD, the ACME SATURDAY NIGHT Online TV Show features a celebrity host and musical guest, and brand new


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