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Get Accepted By Any CPA Network With These Tips

Get Accepted By Any CPA Network With These Tips

If you’re looking for an internet marketing branch that’s gaining popularity, you may be interested in CPA marketing. In this article we shall be looking into the ins and outs of getting approved by a CPA network, since many people get stuck there.

Starting off, you need to show the CPA networks that you’re serious and you know what you’re doing. When you apply for a CPA network, it’s best not to just wait around for word from them. Put in the effort from your end and give them a call the next day and ask for the affiliate manager assigned to you. Tell him/her that you applied recently and wanted to know the status of the application. The affiliate manager would see you as someone who is upfront and is actually serious to do business. This will not only make the manager more likely to approve your application, but you have the potential to form a terrific bond. Just stay calm and ask nicely, and never push too hard to get information. You should rather listen to the affiliate manager as he asks you a series of questions to determine if you’re someone who’s ready to conduct business. The best days to apply to a network are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, since the other days would be either weekend or closer to weekend. If you don’t hear anything after you’ve called, just craft a simple email or IM asking the affiliate manager if you’ve been approved or not. Don’t be scared to call the CPA network, as if you follow the steps you just read about, you’re almost sure to get approved. Just sound confident and be good with the answers. You should know that affiliate managers are going to be very meticulous when they go over your application. For that reason, always tell the truth and you’ll be fine. For example, if your website is five days old and you list on your application that you have thousands of hits per day, obviously he’s going to know you’re lying. They will study your application extremely carefully and they’ll then call you to confirm that the information you listed is indeed true. If you’re not truthful, and the manager starts asking you questions about what you listed, you’re not going to have one clue how to answer. The affiliate manager will be much more likely to approve you once he sees that you’re serious about doing business. The reason this process is so arduous is because a group of people messed it up for everyone when they posed as affiliates and scammed these networks. In order to weed out such people they have to take these measures, and if you co-operate with them, you’ll find success.

When you do submit your application, the affiliate manager will send you an email telling you he received it. This email might also contain a few follow up questions that you should be answering. Most networks, however, will call you instead of emailing you. One of the reasons why some CPA applicants get rejected is not because they don’t have the answers, but it’s because they fail to take that important phone call from their affiliate manager. It shows him you don’t take it seriously and you’ll likely never hear from him again. If you happen to be legitimately tied up at the moment and you’re unable to get the call, just call back and tell the affiliate manager you do take it seriously and then explain what happened. In closing, the best way to get approved to any CPA network is to use the tips you just learned about, and it doesn’t take much work to get there.

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